Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M56


The Age of Christ, 56.


Fiacha Finnfolaidh, after having been seventeen years in the sovereignty of Ireland, was killed by the provincial kings, at the instigation of the Aitheach Tuatha, in the slaughter of Magh Bolg. These were the provincial kings by whom he was killed: Elim, son of Conra, King of Ulster; Sanbh, son of Ceat Mac Magach, King of Connaught; Foirbre, son of Fin, King of Munster; and Eochaidh Aincheann, King of Leinster. He left of children but one son only, who was in the womb of Eithne, daughter of the King of Alba Scotland. Tuathal was his the son's name.

Annal M57


The Age of Christ, 57.


The first year of the reign of Elim, son of Conra.

Annal M76


The Age of Christ, 76.


Elim, son of Conra, after having been twenty years in the sovereignty of Ireland, was slain in the battle of Aichill, by Tuathal Teachtmhar.


God took vengeance on the Aitheach Tuatha for their evil deed, during the time that Elim was in the sovereignty, namely, Ireland was without corn, without milk, without fruit, without fish, and without every other great advantage, since the Aitheach Tuatha had killed Fiacha Finnolaidh in the slaughter of Magh Bolg, till the time of Tuathal Teachtmhar.

Annal M106


The Age of Christ, 106.


Tuathal Teachtmhar, after having been thirty years in the sovereignty of Ireland, was slain by Mal, son of Rochraidhe, King


of Ulster, in Magh Line, at Moin An Chatha, in Dal Araidhe, where the two rivers, Ollar and Ollarbha, spring. Ceanngubha is the name of the hill on which he was killed, as this quatrain proves:

  1. Ollar and Ollarbha,
    Ceann Gubha, lordly, noble,
    Are not names given without a cause,
    The day that Tuathal was killed.

And as was also said:

  1. Tuathal, for whom the land was fair,
    Chief of Meath of a thousand heroes,
    Was wounded,—that chief of fair Freamhainn,
    On the side of the hill of Gleann an Ghabhann.

Annal M107


The Age of Christ, 107.


The first year of Mal, son of Rochraidhe, in the sovereignty of Ireland.

Annal M110


The Age of Christ, 110.


After Mal, son of Rochraidhe, had been four years king over Ireland, he was slain by Feidhlimidh Rechtmhar.


Annal M111


The Age of Christ, 111.


The first year of the reign of Feidhlimidh Reachtmhar, son of Tuathal Teachtmhar, as king over Ireland. Baine, daughter of Scal, was the mother of this Feidhlimidh. It was from her Cnoc Baine, in Oirghialla, for it was there she was interred. It was by her also Rath Mor, of Magh Leamhna, in Ulster, was erected.

Annal M119


The Age of Christ, 119.


Feidhlimidh Reachtmhar, after haying been nine years in the sovereignty of Ireland, died.

Annal M120


The Age of Christ, 120.


The first year of Cathaeir Mor, son of Feidhlimidh Firurghlais, in the sovereignty of Ireland.

Annal M122


The Age of Christ, 122.


Cathaeir Mor, after having been three years king over Ireland, was slain by Conn, and the Luaighni of Teamhair, in the battle of Magh hAgha.