Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M5194


The Age of the World, 5194.


The second year of Crimhthann.

Annal M1



The first year of the age of Christ, and the eighth year of the reign of Crimhthann Niadhnairg.

Annal M9


The Age of Christ, 9.


The sixteenth year of Crimhthann in the sovereignty of Ireland, when he died at Dun Crimhthainn, at Edair, after returning from the famous expedition upon which he had gone. It was from this expedition he brought with him the wonderful jewels, among which were a golden chariot, and a golden chess board, inlaid with a hundred transparent gems, and the Cedach Crimhthainn, which was a beautiful cloak, embroidered with gold. He brought a conquering sword, with many serpents of refined messy gold inlaid in it; a shield, with bosses of bright silver; a spear, from the wound inflicted by which no one recovered; a sling, from which no erring shot was


discharged; and two greyhounds, with a silver chain between them, which chain was worth three hundred cumhals; with many other precious articles.

Annal M10


The Age of Christ, 10.


The first year of the reign of Cairbre Cinncait, after he had killed the nobility, except a few who escaped from the massacre in which the nobles were murdered by the Aitheach Tuatha. These are the three nobles who escaped from them at that time: Fearadhach Finnfeachtnach, from whom are sprung all race of Conn of the Hundred Battles; Tibraide Tireach, from whom are the Dal Araidhe; and Corb Olum, from whom are the kings of the Eoghanachts, in Munster. And as to these, it was in their mothers' wombs they escaped. Baine, daughter of the king of Alba, was the mother of Fearadhach Finnfeachtnach; Cruife, daughter of the king of Britain, was the mother of Corb Olum; and Aine, daughter of the king of Saxony, was the mother of Tibraide Tireach.


Annal M14


The Age of Christ, 14.


Cairbre Caitcheann, after having been five years in the sovereignty of Ireland, died. Evil was the state of Ireland during his reign; fruitless her corn, for there used to be but one grain on the stalk; fruitless her rivers; milkless her cattle; plentiless her fruit, for there used to be but one acorn on the oak.

Son to this Cairbre was the very intelligent Morann, who was usually called Morann mac Maein.

Annal M15


The Age of Christ, 15.


The first year of Fearadhach Finnfeachtnach as king over Ireland; good was Ireland during his time. The seasons were right tranquil. The earth brought forth its fruit; fishful its river mouths; milkful the kine; heavy headed the woods.

Annal M36


The Age of Christ, 36.


Fearadhach Finnfeachtnach, son of Crimhthann Niadhnair, after having spent twenty two years in the sovereignty of Ireland, died at Teamhair.

Annal M37


The Age of Christ, 37.


The first year of Fiatach Finn, son of Daire, son of Dluthach, in the sovereignty of Ireland.

Annal M39


The Age of Christ, 39.


This Fiatach Finn (from whom are the Dal Fiatach


in Uladh), after having been three years in the sovereignty of Ireland, was slain by Fiacha Finnfolaidh.

Annal M40


The Age of Christ, 40.


The first year of the reign of Fiacha Finnfolaidh over Ireland.