Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M3657


The Age of the World, 3657.


This was the first year of Ireland without a king, after the death of Tighearnmas.

Annal M3663


The Age of the World, 3663.


This was the seventh year. Ireland was without a king during the period of these seven years.

Annal M3664


The Age of the World, 3664.


This was the first year of Eochaidh Eadghadhach, as king over Ireland. He was called Eochaidh Eadghadhach because it was by him the variety of colour was first put on clothes in Ireland, to distinguish


the honour of each by his raiment, from the lowest to the highest. Thus was the distinction made between them: one colour in the clothes of slaves; two in the clothes of soldiers; three in the clothes of goodly heroes, or young lords of territories; six in the clothes of ollavs; seven in the clothes of kings and queens.

Annal M3667


The Age of the World, 3667.


The fourth year of Eochaidh. At the end of the fourth year of his reign, he fell by Cearmna, son of Ebric, in the battle of Teamhair Tara.

Annal M3668


The Age of the World, 3668.


The first year of the joint reign of Sobhairce and Cearmna Finn, the two sons of Ebric, son of Emher, son of Ir, son of Milidh, over Ireland; and they divided it between them into two parts: Sobhairce resided in the north, at Dun Sobhairce; and Cearmna in the south, at Dun Cearmna. These were the first kings of Ireland of the race of Ir.

Annal M3707


The Age of the World, 3707.


After these kings had been forty years in the joint sovereignty of Ireland, Sobhairce was slain by Eochaidh Meann, of the Fomorians; and Cearmna fell by Eochaidh Faebharghlas, son of Conmael.

Annal M3708


The Age of the World, 3708.


The first year of Eochaidh Faebhar Ghlas, son of Conmael, son of Emhear, over Ireland.

Annal M3727


The Age of the World, 3727.


After Eochaidh had been twenty years in the sovereignty of Ireland, he was slain by Fiacha Labhrainne, in the battle of Carman Wexford, in revenge of his father.


These were the battles that were fought, and the plains that were cleared, by Eochaidh Faebharghlas: the battle of Luachair Deadhadh; the battle of Fosadh Da Ghort; the battle of Comar Tri nUisge; the battle of Tuaim Drecon, in Ui Briuin Breifne; the battle of Druim Liathain. These are the plains: Magh Smeathrach, in Ui Failghe; Magh nAidhne,


Magh Luirg, in Connaught; Magh Leamhna, Magh nInir, Magh Fubhna,and Magh Da Ghabhar, in Oirghialla.

Annal M3728


The Age of the World, 3728.


This was the first year of the reign of Fiacha Labhrainne over Ireland.

Annal M3751


The Age of the World, 3751.


This was the twenty fourth year, the termination of the reign of Fiacha Labhrainne; and he fell by Eochaidh Mumho, of Munster, in the battle of Bealgadan. It was by this Fiacha Labhrainne the following battles were gained: the battle of Gathlach, in which fell Mofebis, son of Eochaidh Faebharghlas; the battle of Fairrge, against the race of Emhear; the battle of Sliabh Feimhin; a battle against the Ernai, a sept of the Firbolgs, on the plain where Loch Erne now is. After the battle was gained from them, the lake flowed over them, so that it was from them the lake is named, that is, "a lake over the Ernai." It was in the reign of the same Fiacha that the springing of these three rivers first took place, namely, the Fleasc, the Mand, and the Labhrann, from which last the surname Labhrainne clung to him.