Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of the Four Masters (Author: [unknown])

Annal M2820


The Age of the World, 2820.


Nine thousand of Parthalon's people died in one week on Sean Mhagh Ealta Edair, namely, five thousand men, and four thousand women. Whence is named Taimhleacht Muintire Parthaloin. They had passed three hundred years in Ireland.


Ireland was thirty years waste till Neimhidh's arrival.

Annal M2850


The Age of the World, 2850.


Neimhidh came to Ireland. On the twelfth day after the arrival of Neimhidh with his people, Macha, the wife of Neimhidh, died. These were the four chieftains who were with him: Sdarn, Iarbhainel the Prophet, Fearghus Leithdheirg, and Ainninn. These were the four sons of Neimhidh. Medu, Macha, Yba, and Ceara, were the four wives of these chieftains.

Annal M2859


The Age of the World, 2859.


In this year Loch Dairbhreach and Loch Ainninn in Meath sprang forth.


These were the forts that were erected, the plains that were cleared, and the lakes that sprang forth, in the time of Neimhidh, but the precise years are not found for them: Rath Cinnech, in Ui Niallain; Rath Cimbaeith, in


Seimhne; Magh Ceara, Magh nEabha, Magh Cuile Toladh, and Magh Luirg, in Connaught; Magh tochair, in Tir Eoghain; Leagmhagh, in Munster; Magh mBrensa, in Leinster; Magh Lughadh, in Ui Tuirtre; Magh Seredh, in Teffia; Magh Seimhne, in Dal Araidhe; Magh Muirtheimhne, in Conaille; and Magh Macha, in Oirghialla; Loch Cal, in Ui Niallain; Loch Muinreamhair, in Luighne, in Sliabh Guaire. The battle of Murbholg, in Dal Riada; the battle of Baghna; and the battle of Cnamh Ross against the Fomorians. Neimhidh gained these battles.


Neimhidh afterwards died of a plague, together with three thousand persons, in the island of Ard Neimhidh, in Crich Liathain, in Munster.

Annal M3066


The Age of the World, 3066.


The demolition of the tower of Conainn in this year, by the race of Neimhidh, against Conainn, son of Faebhar, and the Fomorians in general, in revenge for all the oppression they had inflicted upon them the race of Neimhidh, as is evident from the chronicle which is called


Leabhar Gabhala; and they nearly all mutually fell by each other; thirty persons alone of the race of Neimhidh escaped to different quarters of the world, and they came to Ireland some time afterwards as Firbolgs. Two hundred and sixteen years Neimhidh and his race remained in Ireland. After this Ireland was a wilderness for a period of two hundred years.

Annal M3266


The Age of the World, 3266.


The Firbolgs took possession of Ireland at the end of this year. Slainghe, Gann, Genann, Seangann, and Rudhraighe, were their five chieftains. These were the five sons of Deala, son of Loich. The other four and the Firbolgs in general elected Slainge as king over them.


Annal M3267


The Age of the World, 3267.


Slainghe, son of Deala, was king of Ireland for a period of one year; and he died at the end of the year, at Dinn Righ, on the brink of the Bearbha.

Annal M3268


The Age of the World, 3268.


Rudhraighe, son of Deala, assumed the government of Ireland.


This is the first year of his reign.

Annal M3269


The Age of the World, 3269.


The second year of the reign of Rudhraighe; and he died at the end of this year.

Annal M3270


The Age of the World, 3270.


This was the first year of the reign of Gann and Geanann over Ireland.

Annal M3273


The Age of the World, 3273.


The fourth year of Gann and Geanann; and they died at the end of this year, with twenty hundred along with them, in Crich Liathain.