Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen, Pre-Patrician Section (Author: Seán Mac Airt)

entry 364

Fínnechta Fledach, son of Dúnchad: it was he who remitted the Bóroma Laigen to Moling of Luachair for a poem which Moling had composed for him. For during the reign of forty kings it was paid, viz. from Tuathal Techtmar to Fínnachta. That was the recompense for the two daughters of Tuathal, whom Eochu son of Eochu, king of Laigin, wantonly killed. This, moreover, was the Bóroma: thrice five thousand cows, and thrice five thousand boars, and thrice five thousand mantles. Each of these also [to be paid] yearly. It was thus the tribute used to be paid. This Fínnechta reigned ten years.