Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen, Pre-Patrician Section (Author: Seán Mac Airt)

entry 193.2

It was after that, the power of the Greeks spread to the four corners of the world, as the poet said

    1. [...]
      man of contest (?)
      Alexander son of Philip;
      He brought Asia under a vexatious tribute (?)
      From Spain to India.
    2. From Ethiopia he was king
      To the bright Rhiphaean Mountains;
      For five years after the death of Darius
      Submission was made by Adam's seed.

    3. p.52

    4. He was a lad of twenty good years
      When he proposed an expedition (?);
      It was wisdom to solicit him for his bounty (?),
      His whole age was thirty-two.
    5. In pleasant Babylon in the East
      At a feasting contest by his people
      He died of poison—ceaseless conflict—
      'Twas a loss for nobility.
The kingship was divided after him into twenty-four parts, and it was carved up again and divided between four persons, viz. Ptolemy son of Lagus in Egypt, Philip the brother of the king, i.e. Alexander, in Macedon, Antigonus in Asia Minor, Niccanor Seleucus in Syria and in Babylon.

Greeks were chief sovereigns for two hundred and eighty-six years. They had twelve kings, and a queen, viz. Cleopatra, and she reigned last until Julius Caesar deposed her.