Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen, Pre-Patrician Section (Author: Seán Mac Airt)

entry 186

Artarxerxes Darii filius annis .xl. His cognomen was Mnemon, as the poet said:

    1. Artaxerxes Mnemon, the handsome,
      Vast was his dwelling,
      A son, who faultlessly overwhelmed a plain
      Of Darius and Parysatis.
    2. For forty famous years
      Submission was made [to him] without any threat;
      Ahashuerus, without deception,
      Was his name among the Hebrews.

    3. p.51

    4. Among them was the pleasant, bright, keen one,
      The noble maiden Esther;
      For her the king preserved
      The many thousands unhurt.
    5. When Haman of the contest nearly caused
      A complete slaughter of the race of Abraham,
      The king was not slow of foot, he was vigorous,
      He prevented [it] for the sake of Esther.
    6. It is Haman who was chastised for it—
      For the generous renown of truth—
      He was (I shall tell it) made wretched,
      And thereby Mardochaeus was extolled.