Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen, Pre-Patrician Section (Author: Seán Mac Airt)

entry 171.4

    1. Let us recount the kings of the Persians
      Without rejection and without disrespect:
      The most noble was Elam— a strong lord—
      Son of Sem, son of Noah, son of Lamech.


They were called Persians from Persius—he was the son of Job—who gave them that name.

    1. One of their fierce kings seized the world
      Without fear, without tyranny (?)
      Cyrus, son of Darius, weakened its strength (?)
      [And] brought the captives from Babylon.
Fifty thousand was the number of these captives, with five thousand vessels of gold and four hundred vessels of silver. The king gave them all permission to go to Jerusalem at the end of the seventh month. Zarobabel was the name of the man who was their leader, and Jeshua, son of Josedek, was the priest, and Esdras the prophet. Nehemiah moreover, was the other leader, who built the walls of the city after reaching the south. Cyrus was in the sovereignty for thirty years, and he fell in Scythia together with three hundred thousand. By this Cyrus, viz. Cyrus son of Darius, Babylon was built.