Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1267


[A.D.] 1267. The Kalends of January on Friday, and the first day of the moon thereon.


Mathgamain Ó Cuiléin was killed in bed with a knife by his own wife, the daughter of Mac Carthaig.

Annal AI1268


[A.D.] 1268. The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the first day of the moon thereon.


{Pilip Ó Loingsecháin, coarb of Catigern, was slain}.


Donnchad, son of Domnall Gall Mac Carthaig, was slain by his own kinsmen at the instigation of the foreigners. {Feidlimid, son of Donnchad [...] }.


The bishop of Cell Da Lua entered Mainistir na Croiche.

Annal AI1269


[A.D.] 1269. The Kalends of January on Sunday, and the thirteenth of the moon thereon; and the above year was a bissextile year.


A great wind about the Feast of Saint Hilary [January 13]. in the above year, which did harm to people both on sea and land.


Conchobar Ó Briain, i.e. king of Tuadmumu and head of the Gaedil of Ireland, and his son Ioán and other nobles, were slain on the Tuesday [i.e. May 22] before Pentecost by Diarmait, son of Muirchertach Ó Briain.


The bishop of Les Mór was taken prisoner by a young squire of the le Poers on the same day.


The above-mentioned Diarmait, son of Muirchertach, and Muirchertach his son, were immediately killed by God and by curses in revenge for Ó Briain Mór, and those who were with him doing the deed were all killed save a few.


In the above year on the first of August the sons of Domnall Gall Mac Carthaig and the Uí Etersceóil and the Corcu Laígde fought at sea, and that was the hardest and


most triumphant battle ever fought in Ireland, for [only] the night parted them from each other after many on both sides had been slain or drowned.


Maurice, son of Gerald, was drowned.

Annal AI1270


[A.D.] 1270. The Kalends of January on Tuesday, and the twenty-third of the moon thereon.


The English Justiciar took hostages from the foreigners and Gaedil in Ireland and built the castle of Ros Comáin in Connachta.

Annal AI1271


[A.D.] 1271 The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the fifth day of the moon thereon.


A heavy fall of snow about the Epiphany [January 6]. in the above year.


Thomas, bishop of Les Mór, died.


A slaughter of the foreigners by Ó Conchobuir in Connachta, and many nobles fell therein.


The defeat of Áth in Chip [inflicted by Aed Ó Conchobuir on MacWiliiam, in which many of the foreigners fell, together with Tairdelbach Ballach Ó Briain and numerous others.


The rout of Áth Malais [inflicted] by Maurice, son of Thomas, and by the sons of Cormac Liathánach on Domnall Ruad and his brother, and many fell therein.


Mathgamain Ó Donnchada, archdeacon of Cluain Uama, rested in Christ after a victory of piety, generosity, and charity, and was buried in the habit of the Friars Minor. May God be propitious to his soul! Amen.


Donnchad, son of Domnall Gall Mac Carthaig, was treacherously taken prisoner by Diarmait, son of Domnall Cairprech, and put to death by his (own) sept and by the foreigners. And those who struck him down were Donnchad, son of Donnchad, and Domnall Óg, son of Domnall Cairprech, and Feidlimid [...].



Ó Conchobuir was slain by Domnall, son of Ruaidrí, [...] Ó Súilliubáin in Baile [...]}


Louis, king of France, and Johan his son, died on their way to the Holy Land.

Annal AI1272


{[A.D.] 1272}. The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the twenty-eighth of the moon thereon.


Very bad weather in that year, and general warfare between the foreigners and Gaedil of Ireland. And there was a great famine in the same year so that multitudes of poor people died of cold and hunger and the rich suffered hardship.


A hosting by the foreigners of Ireland into Desmumu to Dún na mBarc, [and] they turned back from there without doing any further damage. The same foreigners proceeded to Luimnech against Ua Briain, and made peace with him, taking hostages from him.


Walter de Burgo died in Connachta, and his body was brought to Áth Ísel.

Annal AI1273


{[A.D.] 1273}. The Kalends of January on Friday, and the twentieth of the moon thereon; a bissextile year, and the nineteenth in the Decemnovennial Cycle.


Richard de Carew, a great and noble baron and seneschal of Desmumu, died in Corcach.

Annal AI1274


The Kalends of January on Sunday, and the twentieth of the moon thereon. {[A. D.] 1274 }.

Annal AI1275


The Kalends of January on Monday, and the thirtieth of the moon thereon. {[A.D.] 1275}.


Annal AI1276


The Kalends of January on Tuesday, [and] the twelfth of the moon thereon. {[A.D.] 1276.


Diarmait Mac Carthaig was slain in Murna Ola Mór(?) in Uí Chairpri.


A hosting by Mac Carthaig into In Trícha, and a house was destroyed in consequence, and the market cross cut [down]}.