Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1248


Kl. [A.D.] 1248.


Cormac son of Domnall Mór Mac Carthaig, king of Desmumu, died in his own encampment at Mag Senglaise.

Annal AI1249


Kl. [A.D.] 1249.


A great earthquake in Ireland and Wales.


Anmchad's son was slain.


Many of the kings' sons of Ireland were treacherously and shamefully slain this year.


Fíngen, {son of Diarmait Mac Carthaig}, took prisoner


Geoffrey de Cogan, and brought about his death in captivity. And it is not known how he died, but some say that a stone was put about his neck, for, according to them, that was the death he would have wished to inflict on Fíngen, viz., to send him out of Ireland. And he (Geoffrey) was carried out to sea from(?) In Gairbinis Etnea.

Annal AI1250


Kl. [A.D.] 1250.


Fíngen, son of Diarmait son of Domnall Mac Carthaig, was slain in breach of a peace by de Cogans and by Domnall Cairprech Mac Carthaig at Staunton's court in Inis [gap: meaning of original unclear/extent: two words] . And that Domnall was a brother of Fíngen's father.

Annal AI1251


Kl. [A.D.] 1251.


Or here the same Fíngen was slain.

Annal AI1252


Kl. [A.D.] 1252.


Murchad, son of Brian, died.

Annal AI1253


Kl. [A.D.] 1253.


Domnall Cairprech (i.e. Senior) Mac Carthaig was slain in Baile Uí Dúnadaig on the fourth of the Kalends of September [August 29]. by John, son of Thomas, and by his son Sir Maurice. According to some, he was slain at the instance of the daughter of Ó Briain, wife of Sefraid Ó Donnchada, [...] he was taken [...] and the day he was overtaken on his way(?) to FitzGerald, for in revenge thereof, his (Ó Donnchada's) house was burned, and he himself slain. In the court of Elisrant Roche in Baile Uí Dúnadaig Domnall was taken prisoner, and when he was in difficulty between Tech Mór In Gaill and In Cúiltech, he said: ‘God is like that’, i.e. just as he had Fíngen previously in straits between Tech Mór In Gaill and his chamber in Inis Mac Néill, [now] he himself was being engaged there to avenge that.


Domnall Ó Cennétig, bishop of Cell Da Lua, died.


The hot summer in the above year.



{Mór, daughter of Conchobar son of Tairdelbach Ó Briain [and] wife of Cormac Mac Carthaig,—and there was no woman in her time better than she—rested in Christ at Cell Lonáin. She was buried there, and her relics were brought to Les na mBráthar}.

Annal AI1253


The Kalends of January. [A.D.] 1253.


Domnall Ó Cennétig, bishop (abbot) of Cell Da Lua, died.

Annal AI1254


The Kalends of January. [A.D.] 1254.


Friar Dáuíd {son of Cellach}, archbishop of Cashel, friar Alinn, bishop of Les Mór, [and] Eógan Ó hEidin rested in Christ.


Item. Séfraid Ó Donnchada and his wife Sadb, daughter of Ua Briain, and Domnall his brother, and his three sons, and Donnchad, son of Cathal, were slain, and many others were also burned. {Those evil deeds were committed by Fíngen, son of Domnall Cairpiech, in revenge for his father, and it was the two sons of In Fiadaide Ó Donnchada, namely, Murchad and Donnchad, who betrayed them. And that was grevious news, for he (Séfraid) was the best and noblest king of all his contemporaries .

Annal AI1255


The Kalends of January. [A.D.] 1255.

Annal AI1255


The Kalends of January. [A.D.] 1255.