Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1228


Kl. [A.D.] 1228.


Aed, son of Cathal Crobderg, was slain in Geoffrey Marisco's house at Buaile Mór in Laigin, without the latter's consent, for he straightway hanged the slayer with wisps.

Annal AI1229


Kl. [A.D.] 1229.


Diarmait Dúna Draignéin son of Domnall Mac Carthaig, king of Desmumu, died.


Donnchad Ó hEtersceóil, king of Corcu Laígde, died.

Annal AI1230


Kl. [A.D.] 1230.


The stone castle of Corcach was burned on the eve of May Day.


A great hosting in Connachta by MacWilliam and the majority of the foreigners of Ireland, and also Ó Briain and Cormac Mac Carthaig, and they came to the territory of Ó Flaithbertaig. Ó Flaithbertaig gave them battle at the [river] Gaillim, and that same Cormac was wounded there when advancing on the ford, as the poet said:

    1. {Domnall's son about whom every woman is wanton,
      In a strait is a warrior like Lugh
      From Áth na Gaillme he flinched not—
      Not everyone dared to go against its stout defence.
He returned to his house, and the foreigners and the Gaedil ransacked the country generally. And they banished from it Aed, son of Ruaidrí, having slain Donn Catha Mac Oirechtaig, and they took the hostages of Connachta and gave the sovereignty to Feidlimid, son of Cathal.



Great warfare this year between the king of France and the king of England.

Annal AI1231


Kl [A.D.] 1231.


Ascension Thursday and May Day on the same day this year.


Feidlimid, son of Cathal Crobderg, was treacherously and shamefully taken prisoner by MacWilliam.


Aed, son of Conchobor Ó Donnchada, died, and was buried in the old monastery of Uí Badamna in their [the monks'] own habit.

Annal AI1232


Kl. [A.D.] 1232.


Donnchad Ó Lonbrogáin, one-time archbishop of Caisel, died.


Domnall Got Mac Carthaig was taken prisoner by Cormac Mac Carthaig, his own brother, and he was released forthwith by him at the end of three months. Immediately afterwards that same Domnall went at the summons of Magnus Ó Cobthaig and Ó Muirchertaig's daughter to do unneighbourly acts against Muirchertach Ó Mathgamna, a thing which he did, for he slew three sons of Ó Mathgamna and plundered [Ó Mathgamna] himself. From this he is called Domnall Cairprech, and his descendants [after him], and the south is his ever since.


Conchobar son of Aed son of Ruaidrí Ó Conchobuir, royal heir of Connachta, was slain with many others by the Tuatha.

Annal AI1233


Kl [A.D.] 1233.


Aed son of Ruaidrí Ó Conchobuir, king of Connachta, was slain by Feidlimid, son of Cathal Crobderg Ó Conchobuir.


Tadc Duibfheda Mac Carthaig was blinded by Cormac


Liathánach and by Diarmait Ó Mathgamna, and by Domnall Gall who gave him a prod with a knife when he was being held prisoner. He [Tadc] enquired who that was, and he was told that it was Domnall Gall. ‘That is true, indeed,’, said he. ‘He did that like a foreigner’.

Annal AI1234


Kl. [A.D.] 1234.


The earl of the Currach was taken prisoner in Cell Dara, having been wounded in battle, and he died of his wounds.


The rout of Tráig Lí [inflicted] by the foreigners on the Gaedil, in which Diarmait, son of Cormac Liathánach, and many other nobles of Desmumu were slain; and therein fell In Gascúnach Ó hEtersceóil and Muirchertach, his brother.

Annal AI1235


Kl [A.D.] 1235.

Annal AI1236


Kl. [A.D.] 1236.


Tuadmumu and Connachta were spoiled by the Justiciar and MacWilliam.

Annal AI1237


Kl [A.D.] 1237.