Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1197


The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the ninth day of the moon thereon. The first year of the Decemnovennial Cycle.


Repose of the bishop and abbot of Imlech Ibuir, namely, Ragnall Ua Flainn Chua.


Conchobar Ruad turned against his brother and


brought foreigners into Tuadmumu. They plundered Tuadmumu, both church and lay property, inflicting a great slaughter on its people, including Cú Meda Mac Con Mara, Conchobar Ua Cuinn, and many others.


A great hosting this year by the foreigners into Desmumu, and they came to Durrus. They did no great damage beyond burning churches, and they turned back again.


Gilla Pátraic Ua hÍmuir, a celibate and noble priest, archdeacon and coarb of Faithlenn, head of a community, chief in piety, charity, and wisdom, and founder and assembler of every church property, including a clerical community, books, and utensils, ended his life on the fourteenth of the Kalends of January [December 19]. in the seventieth year of his age.


The abbot Ua hAnrotháin rested in Christ.

Annal AI1198


Second [after Bissextile]. The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the twentieth of the moon thereon.


Ruaidrí Ua Conchobuir died in Cunga. {He had held the kingship of Ireland for a period}.


The castle of Ard Pátraic was built by the foreigners.


Muirchertach, son of Domnall Ua Briain, was banished by his own kinsman, namely, by Conchobar Ruad, and he (Conchobar Ruad) took the kingship after him.


Ua Longáin of Uí Meic Caille was slain this same year by Domnall, son of Mac Carthaig, at the instigation of Richard de Carew. {Hence the saying [...]: . to Uí Longáin }.


The abbot Ua Cennétig rested in Christ.

Annal AI1199


Third [after Bissextile]. The Kalends of January on Friday, and the first of the moon thereon.


Richard de Carew died.


Domnall Ua Grifín, i.e. coarb of Cú Minn, died.


The castle of Es Geiphtíne was built by the foreigners.



Great warfare this year by the foreigners against Desmumu, and from the Sinann to Férdruim was devastated as a result.


A great crop of mast and fruit this year in Desmumu.


Muirchertach, son of Domnall Ua Briain, was taken prisoner by the foreigners in the same year.


{Donnchad, son of Ruaidrí Ua Conchobuir, was slain by the foreigners of Luimnech}.

Annal AI1200


Bissextile. The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the twelfth of the moon thereon. The one thousandth two hundredth year from the Incarnation of Our Lord; the third of the Indiction; the fourth of the Decemnovennial [Cycle]; has three as the epact, six as the concurrent, and is a bissextile year.


Muirchertach Ua Muirchertaig, king of Eóganacht Locha Léin, was taken prisoner by Domnall, son of Mac Carthaig.


Glenn Ága was plundered by the foreigners.


A skirmish between the Ciarraige and the Eóganacht Locha Léin, and Corc Ua Muirchertaig's son was slain therein, the Ciarraige being routed and a slaughter inflicted on them.


A vast crop of mast and apples in abundance this year.


The foreigners took the kingship of Connachta, and Catlhal Crobderg was banished, and Cathal Carrach installed by them.


Muirchertach Ua Briain was released this year {by the foreigners.


Item. Gerald, son of Maurice, died in the above year.


Domnall Mac Carthaig brought a hosting into Uí Chairpri, and the Cairprig, Múscraige, Cenél Aeda, Bárraid Ruada, and Bárraid Óca assembled [against him]. Domnall turned upon them, and he, the best king of his time, was slain there with many others.


Annal AI1201


[A.D.] I20I} . The Kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-third of the moon thereon.


Mór, daughter of Tadc Ua Briain [and] queen of Mumu, died.


Anad Ua Súilliubáin died.


Diarmait, son of Mathgamain Ua Briain, died.


Cú Dub Ua Fáilbi was slain by Ua Muirchertaig.


Finnguine (Mór) Ua Caím, king of Fir Muige, died in the same year.


Gerald, son of Maurice, died this year.


The coarb of Patrick, i.e. Tomaltach Ua Conchobuir, rested in Ard Macha.


Cadla Ua Dubthaig, i.e. archbishop of Connachta, rested in Cunga Feíchín.


Great warfare between Philip of Worcester and Mac Uilliam Hebreus and other foreigners, the greater part of Mag Feimin being devastated.


The greater part of the corn crop of Desmumu was laid waste in the same year.


A mighty hosting this year in Desmumu by William and other foreigners, together with the royalty of all Mumu, i.e. including Muirchertach Ua Briain, Conchobar Ruad, and Donnchad Cairprech, and many others, and their plundering parties were sent against Múscraige Mittaine, and they committed great depredations. They proceeded thence to Cenn Eich, spent a week there, and made great raids and burned corn crops in every place they came to. Furthermore, Amlaíb Ua Donnubáin, king of Uí Chairpri, was slain by them, and one of their companies, including Jocelyn's son and many others, was also slain. After that they turned back, having made peace with the opposing forces, and the legate and the other bishops came to make the peace, and hostages and a great levy of cows were given to them (the foreigners). William was in Corcach for the greater part of the winter after his army had preceded him, but he himself departed later on.



{The Order of Preachers was established this year.


Item. Cathal Carrach Ua Conchobuir was slain}.

Annal AI1202


The Kalends of January on Tuesday, [and] the fourth day of the moon thereon. The one thousandth two hundredth and second year from the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the sixth in the Decemnovennial Cycle, fifth of the Indiction, with twenty-five as the epact, and one as the concurrent.


A great hosting by William into Desmumu as far as Corcach, and he brought hostages, cess, and tribute from Desmumu to Luimnech. Accompanied by the nobles of Munster, he proceeded then into Connachta, and they slew Cathal Carrach Ua Conchobuir and gave the kingship to Cathal Crobderg. Subsequently Ua Conchobuir and the nobles of Connachta turned against William, inflicting a great slaughter on him, but he himself (William) escaped from it in defeat. And all those of his followers who were in In Machaire and in Mag Feimin were plundered.


The son of the bishop Ua hUrmoltaig rested in Ros Ailithir.


Mac Techthecháin's son, coarb of Senán, rested in Senguala.


Ragnall Ua Meic Thíre was treacherously slain by his kinsman, i.e. by Lochlainn Ua Meic Thíre.


Eógan Ua Faeláin was treacherously slain by his kinsman, i.e. by Ruaidrí Ua Faeláin.


The cardinal of the successor of Peter came this year to reform the men of Ireland.

Annal AI1203


The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the fifteenth of the moon thereon.


William went on a great hosting to Connachta and laid it waste. He entered Mílec, built a castle around the church, made a blockhouse of the church, and remained therein eating meat during Lent. He came thence to


Luimnech without hostile encounter save that. Conchobar Ruad was subsequently taken prisoner by William, who had him sent to Luimnech, but Aed Ua hAichir came and took him out of Luimnech. Conchobar (Ruad) then came on a foray against Muirchertach Ua Briain, his brother, and was slain by the latter on that foray.


The justiciar, i.e. Maeler Mór, and the foreigners of Ireland made a great hosting to Luimnech against William so that he might be subdued by them. They besieged him [there], while he was on the other side, in Luimnech, taking [possession of] it. Nevertheless, William was forcibly overcome, and he submitted to Maeler, the justiciar. Cathal Crobderg and three battalions of the Connachta also came to attack William, and Muirchertach Ua Briain and Tuadmumu turned against him [as well], and they all surrendered their hostages to Maeler the justiciar. Domnall, son of Mac Carthaig, meanwhile stood by. Nevertheless, he made a great raid on Ua Cuiléin and plundered the greater part of all Uí Chonaill.


Art Corb Ua Faeláin, king of the Déisi, died this year.


Mael Étaín Ua Duib Rátha, noble priest of Ard Mór, died after finishing the building of the church of Ard Mór.


The bishop Ua Carmacáin rested in Christ in Cluain Ferta Brénainn.

Annal AI1204


The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the twenty-sixth of the moon thereon. Easter was on the seventh of the Kalends of May [April 25]., and Low Sunday on the sixth of the nones [2nd] of May, the second day of Summer. And the men of Ireland marvelled that it was so, and said that they themselves never experienced the like.


A very severe pestilence in the above year, and houses were emptied in Mide, Laigin, Áth Cliath, Cell Dara, Ferna Maedóc, Cell Chainnig, and in Maethal Brócáin in the Déisi, and it reached Ailén Maíl Anfaid and killed a large number of the seniors of the community, including the abbot Ua Lígda, i.e. Niall.



The bishop Mac Gilla Cellaig rested in Christ.


Domnall, son of Mac Carthaig, fought a battle against the grey foreigners at Bern Meic Ímuir and inflicted a great slaughter on them this year.


The priest Ua Maíl Chíge [died] in Inis Faithlinn.


The priest Ua hEóir, son of the erenagh of Inis Faithlinn, rested in Christ.


{The Order of the Friars Minor was established, and their rules given and confirrned}.

Annal AI1205


The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the seventh day of the moon thereon.


The bishop Ua Selbaig rested in Christ in Corcach.


Cellachán son of Mac Carthaig, i.e. the son of Cathal Odar, was slain by the mounted horse of Domnall, son of Mac Carthaig, i.e. by the followers of Donnocán and by Ua Donnubáin of Uí Chairpri.


The bishop Ua Súilliubáin, bishop of Cluain, rested in Christ in Les Mór.


Murchad Ua Donnchada, {i.e. son of Murchad, son of Amlaíb}, king of Eóganacht Locha Léin, battler and champion of the honour and valour of all Munstermen, died this year.

Annal AI1206


The Kalends of January on Sunday, and the eighteenth of the moon thereon.


The bishop Ua hAeda died on the roadside on Sliab Cua.


The archbishop Ua hÉnni rested in Christ.


Domnall Ua Faeláin, king of the Déisi, died in Corcach on the hosting of the justiciar.


The castle of Corcach was built by the foreigners.


Lochlainn, son of Diarmait Ua Meic Thíre, was treacherously slain in Cluain Uama by Diarmait, son of Mac Carthaig.



Domnall son of Mac Carthaig, high-king of Mumu, died in Corr Tige Meic Urmainn this year on the Kalends of December as regards the day of the solar month, and on Friday as regards the day of the week. It was he, of all the contemporary kings of Ireland, who was most feared by the foreigners and by the Gaedil. During the twenty years he held the kingship, he never submitted to a foreigner; and though an army of foreigners and Gaedil often came against him, he gave them at times no more than was due, while at other times he gave them nothing. And it was he who slew the speckled kerne led by Geoffrey de Cogan, the most hated kerne that ever was in Ireland, and he flayed this Geoffrey. And it was he who inflicted the rout of Inis Eóganáin, and also that of Cell Mo-Chomóc, and the rout of Bern Meic Ímuir, and who successfully attacked the castles of Les Mór, Dún Cuireda, In Cora, and Mag Ua Mairgili, and the castles of all Uí Meic Caille. {By him nine justiciars were slain and twenty-one battles fought in Mumu}, and many other exploits performed.


Fíngen, son of Mac Carthaig, took the kingship forthwith, and he held that kingship only from the Kalends of December until the Kalends of February.


Diarmait, son of Mac Carthaig, followed by Donnchad Cairprech Ua Briain, Ua Mathgamna, and all the Desmumu from that on, immediately turned against Fíngen, and the whole of Desmumu was destroyed by them and by the grey foreigners.