Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1112


Bissextile. The Kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-ninth of the moon thereon.


Mael Maire Ua Fócarta, coarb of Brénainn, rested in Christ.


Cathal, grandson of Domnall son of Dub dá Bairenn, was treacherously slain by Aed Ua Cellacháin, {i.e. by his own marriage relation}.


Gormlaith, daughter of Murchad [and] coarb of Brigit, rested.


A great crop of mast, also, throughout Ireland this year.

Annal AI1113


The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the tenth of the moon thereon.


Diarmait Ua Longáin, coarb of Ard Pátraic, rested in Christ.


Mael Sechnaill Ua Conchobuir, king of Corcu Modruad, died in Luimnech.


The son of Donnchad Ua Gilla Pátraic was slain by Goll Gabráin, i.e. by his kinsman.


{Great warfare between Uí Briúin and Bréifne and Airgialla.


Les Mír was burned}.


Niall, son of Domnall son of Mac Lochlainn, took the kingship of Cenél Conaill.


The son of Éicertach Ua Tairchirt was slain by Niall.


A great hosting by Muirchertach to Ard Macha and Mag Coba, and he returned with peace.


And a great mortality in this year.



The slaying of Donnchad, son of Eochaid, by the Ulaid.


The sons of Mac Aeducáin, bishop of Les Mór, rested in Christ.

Annal AI1114


The Kalends of January on Thursday, [and] the twenty-first of the moon thereon. This is the one thousandth one hundredth and fourteenth year from the Incarnation.


The king of Ireland was struck down by disease this year in the middle of summer. Alas, indeed, we find it impossible to relate the multitude of these evils: battles and fights, raids and murders, violations of churches and holy places throughout Ireland, both of laity and clergy! Woe to him who brought upon us this sickness of the king of Ireland!


In this year the Leth Cuinn around Domnall son of Mac Lochlainn, king of Ailech, came to the territory of Mumu. Many, indeed, were the evil deeds committed both by them and the men of Mumu until they made peace with each other after undergoing a change of mind(?).


Diarmait Ua Briain took the kingship of Mumu, and banished Muirchertach from Luimnech to Cell Da Lua.


Diarmait Ua Flainn Chua rested.


Brian, son of Murchad, was treacherously imprisoned.

Annal AI1115


The Kalends of January on Friday, and the second day of the moon thereon.


Muirchertach came to Luimnech, and Diarmait was imprisoned by him.


A hosting, led by Muirchertach, to Osraige and Laigin. The song of Murchad, grandson of Mael na mBó, assembled an army against him, and they fought a battle, and Murchad's son was defeated; and some of the men of Mumu were slain in Osraige, {i.e. }


The son of the grandson of Flann, son of Flannchad, and the son of Coinín Ua Duibcinn, and in another place


two of the Uí Fhócarta, and in a different place, moreover, Ua Gilla Pátraic and the son of Ua Crináin, were slain by one another, along with many others.


Tairdelbach, son of Ruaidrí king of Connachta, was shamefully slain by the Connachta themselves; {and he survived that wound}.


Cellachán Ua Cellacháin of Caisel was slain.


The slaying of Lochlainn Ua Fáilbi by Murchad Ua Ségda.


The battle of Áth Cliath [gained] by Domnall Ua Briain, in which nobles of the Laigin fell around Murchad's son and Ua Conchobuir Fhailge; and Domnall Ua Conchobuir, son of the king of Ciarraige Luachra, and many others of the men of Mumu were [also] slain.


Domnall, son of Tadc Ua Briain, was slain by the Connachta.


Diarmait Ua Donnocáin was slain.


The grandson of Dúnlang Ua Cinn Fhaelad was slain this year.

Annal AI1116


The Kalends of January on Saturday, [and] the thirteenth of the moon thereon.


Muirchertach Ua Briain invaded Laigin. Countless injuries were committed on that expedition: raids and conflicts, war and famine during that time.


Diarmait Ua Briain turned against Muirchertach Ua Briain in violation of a mutual oath on the relics of Ireland.


The siege of Luimnech against Muirchertach Ua Briain and Brian, son of Murchad.


Muirchertach Ua Briain went to Les Mór and assumed the pilgrim's staff.


Aengus Ua Cinaeda ended his life in Inis Faithlinn.

Annal AI1117


The Kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-fourth of the moon thereon.


Murchad Ua Maíl Shechnaill was taken unawares and defeated by the foreigners of Áth Cliath and by the Laigin, and he did not reach his camp for three nights.



Martyrdom of the community of Cenannas, including their abbot, at the hands of their slayers, i.e. the Uí Briúin.


Mael Maire Ua Dúnáin, eminent bishop of Ireland, and a master in piety and wisdom, rested in Christ.


The defeat of Cell Mac nÉnáin [inflicted] by the Cenél Conaill on the Cenél Eógain of the Island .


A battle-rout [was inflicted] by Brian, son of Murchad, on the Dál Cais, in which sons of kings and chieftains and many others were slain.

Annal AI1118


The Kalends of January on Tuesday, and the fifth day of the moon thereon.


Diarmait Ua Briain died in Corcach Mór Muman after a victory of penance.


Mael Sechnaill Ua Faeláin was treacherously slain in Caisel.


Four of the Uí Bric were slain in Les Mór Mo-Chutu.


Laidcnén Ua Duib Dara was slain by the Uí Fhiachrach of Ard Sratha.


Tadc Ua Ségda was slain by the foreigners of Luimnech and by Ua Fáilbi, each having committed treachery against the other.


Brian, son of Murchad Ua Briain, was slain by Tadc, son of Mac Carthaig, the Desmumu, and the Uí Briain; and Amlaíb Ua hEchach was slain in the same place.


Tairdelbach son of Ruaidrí, king of Connachta, Murchad Ua Maíl Shechnaill, king of Mide, and Ua Ruairc, king of Uí Briúin, [came] with Muirchertach Ua Briain to Desmumu, and they reached Glenn Magair. They turned against Muirchertach and [made] peace with the son of Mac Carthaig.


The son of Gilla Odar Ua Duibenaig was slain by Domnall Ua Títh, and that same Domnall banished his father, i.e. Dodan Birach(?); and Ua Mathgamna, king of Ulaid, was banished by the son of Donn Sléibe, and the. Ulaid were put to flight(?) by the men of Fernmag.



The son of Mac Lochlainn went to Tír Conaill and took a great cattle-spoil from Tana-inis, and Aed Ua Galmredaig was slain there.


Domnall, son of Ruaidrí, died.


Ruaidrí Ua Conchobuir rested in Cluain Moccu Nóis.

Annal AI1119


The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the sixteenth of the moon thereon.


Muirchertach Ua Briain, king of Ireland, rested after a victory of repentance; and the bishop Ua Lennáin, erenagh of Inis Cathaig, rested in Christ; and the bishop of Les Mór, Ua Daigthig, rested in Christ; and the violent death of the poet Ua Baígelláin together with his two sons, his wife, and his train. The curse of God on those who did the deed!


The grandson of Brotchú Ua Mathgamna died.


A fleet [was brought] by the sons of Diarmait Ua Briain and the Tuadmumu to Ciarraige Luachra, and a great slaughter was inflicted on the crews by Mathgamain and Cú Luachra and the Ciarraige.

Annal AI1120


The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the twenty-seventh of the moon thereon. A leap year, and one thousand one hundred and twenty years from the Incarnation.


Fergil, eminent senior of Inis Locha Cré, rested in Christ.


Niall son of Mac Lochlainn, royal heir of Ireland, was slain by his own people.


Tadc, son of Mac Carthaig, accompanied by the Desmumu, went to Osraige, and Ua Gilla Pátraic, king of Osraige, submitted to him. And the Osraige gave him hostages, and received [in return] a large stipend of gold and steeds. And the nobles of Osraige, including their king, were imprisoned by the Dál Cais, and their hostages were handed over to Ruaidrí's son, king of Connachta.


A shameful foray was made by Ruaidrí's son


against the men of Mide in violation of guarantees given to the coarb of Patrick and contrary to the peace made by the son of Mac Lochlainn, king of Ailech.


Mathgamain Ua Cuirc died, and was buried in Inis Faithlinn.


Cellach, coarb of Patrick, came on a circuit of Ireland to Mumu, and he imparted blessings everywhere he went.

Annal AI1121


The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the ninth day of the moon thereon. The years from the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, MCXXI.


Death of Domnall son of Mac Lochlainn, king of Ireland, in Doire Coluim Chille.


Death of Mael Sechnaill Ua Cellacháin, king of the south of Ireland, in Corcach Mór Muman.


Death of the son of [In] Deoraid Ua Flainn by his own hand in Loch Echach.


The Ulaid took a great prey from the son of Mac Lochlainn. A great slaughter [was inflicted] on them, and the prey was turned back.


A hosting by Tairdelbach, son of Ruaidrí, on a circuit in Mumu and they burned Ciarraige Luachra from north to south.


A predatory hosting by Tairdelbach, son of Ruaidrí, into Desmumu, and he did a deed which was vexatious to God and to the whole Christian Church generally, namely the plundering of Les Mór Mo-Chutu. The Desmumu, however, at the instigation of the Lord [and] for the honour of its saints, slay Ua Flaithbertaig and Ua hEidin along with other leaders, though [this] vengeance preceded the sin. But if any objector should be found to say ‘Never has God punished a sin before it was committed,’ it shall be replied to him that it were not extraordinary, if God, to whom all time is present, should avenge a wrong done to his Church before it was committed.