Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1092


Bissextile. The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the eighteenth of the moon thereon.


The devotee Ua Fallamain rested in Christ, having been drowned.


Ruaidrí Ua Conchobuir, king of Connachta, was treacherously blinded by Ua Flaithbertaig, and Muirchertach Ua Briain took the high-kingship of Connachta, and Diarmait Ua Briain was banished to Ulaid.


Enna, son of Diarmait, was slain by the Uí Cheinnselaig.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua Briain into Laigin, and Ua Conchobuir Fhailge submitted to him.


Mael Ísu Ua hArrachtáin, coarb of Ailbe, rested piously in Christ at Imlech Ibuir.


Muiredach son of Carthach, king of Eógan acht Caisil, died.


Cormac Mainistrech, the noble bishop and venerable senior of Ireland, rested in Christ in Cluain Iraird on his pilgrimage.



The noble bishop Connmach Ua Cairill, another venerable senior, rested in Christ in Inis dá Drumann.


Donnchadh son of Carthach; king of Eógan acht Caisil, was slain by Cellachán Ua Cellach áin.


Very heavy frost, and snow, at the end of this and the beginning of the following year.


Ua Carráin, erenagh of Cluain Uama, rested in Christ.

Annal AI1093


The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the twenty-ninth of the moon thereon.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua Briain to Connachta and the Síl Muiredaig joined his assembly, and he imprisoned the son of Cathal Ua Conchobuir, king of Síl Muiredaig. Ua hEidin entered the patrimony of Ua Conchobuir Chonnacht, and Ua Briain gave the kingship of Síl Muiredaig to him.


The son of Flann.Ua Maíl Shechnaill, king of Temuir, submitted to Ua Briain at Luimnech.


A conference between the king of Ailech, i.e. the grandson of Lochlainn Ua Maíl Shechnaill, and Ua hEochada, king of Ulaid, at Dornann Dabaill on the edge of Loch nEchach, and by reason of a common hostility they made a covenant, with many relics including the Staff of Jesus as pledges, against Ua Briain and Leth Moga.


Rés son of Seothar, king of Wales, and Turcaill, son of Eóla, were slain by the French.


The son of Cathal Ua Conchobuir, who had been a prisoner on the bank of [the Sinann at] Luimnech, was slain by the followers of Ua Flaithbertaig.



Ua Conchobuir Chonnacht and the Síl Muiredaig turned against Ua Briain.


A hosting by Muirchertach in Connachta, and he took fifty cows from Ua Flaithbertaig as ' cumals ' in cornpensation for [the death of] Cathal's son, and for their revolt he plundered and slew many of the Síl Muiredaig, and imprisoned Ua Conchobuir their king.


A violent wind in the above year, which sundered the grain from the corn and blew down numerous trees.


A great pestilence, i.e. a febrile, in the above year, which caused death to a large number of people.


Diarmait, son of Tairdelbach Ua Briain, submitted to Muirchertach, i.e. his brother, and they made peace and a covenant in Caisel and in Les Mór, with the relics of Ireland, including the Staff of Jesus, as pledges, and in the presence of Ua hÉnna and the nobles of Mumu.


The son of Fer Gráid Ua Catháin, erenaga of Ráith Maige Meic Í, rested in Christ.


Mael Coluini son of Donnchadh, king of Alba, was slain with his son in an unguarded moment in battle by the French, and Margaréta his wife, died of grief for him.


Ua Nialláin, coarb of Crónán and Ciarán, the bishop and the venerable senior, rested in Christ.

Annal AI1094


The Kalends of January on Sunday, and the tenth of the moon thereon.


Great warfare in this year between Ua Briain and Leth Cuinn and Gofraid, king of Áth Cliath. Muirchertach went on a hosting to Áth Cliath, imprisoned Ua Conchobuir Fhailge, and banished Gofraid therefrom. And on that hosting he slew the son of Flann Ua Maíl Shechnaill, king of Mide, appointing the son of Mael Sechnaill as his successor, and he returned with peace and triumph.


The Síl Muiredaig inflicted a great slaughter on the Corcu Modruad and on [the army of] the west of Connachta, and Ua Flaithbertaig, and the grandson of Conchobar, son of Mael Sechnaill, escaped therefrom.



Donnchadh son of Mael Coluim, king of Alba, was slain by Domnall, son of Donnchadh. That same Domnall, moreover, afterwards took the kingship of Alba.


Congal's son, king of Na Renna, was slain.


Ruaidrí Ua Donnocáin, king of Ara, rested in penitence.


Ua Corcráin, coarb of Brénainn of Cluain Ferta, rested.


A siege by the men of Mumu under Muirchertach in Mag Léna against the men of Mide, and Muirchertach conducted the siege in this manner: all Mide with its chieftains(?) was burned by the Munstermen, and the [people of] western Mide and the men of Tethba were banished from Sliab Cairpri eastwards and northwards into Tír Briúin. The men of Mide were partitioned in two between Donnchadh Ua Maíl Shechnaill and Conchobar, son of Mael Sechnaill, and hostages were given by both to Muirchertach.

Annal AI1095


The Kalends of January on Monday, and the twenty-first of the moon thereon.


Snow and heavy frost so that the rivers and principal lakes of Ireland were frozen, and a great loss of cattle in this year.


The men of Mumu laid siege to Dún Tais from the Epiphany [January 6] until the Feast of Mary in the Winter [November 21], and they had a large fleet on Loch Rí, and they obtained their demand from Conmaicne and Síl Muiredaig.


Donnchadh Ua hEochada, king of Ulaid, was deposed and banished to Cenél Eógain, and Goll Garbraige took the kingship of Ulaid.


foray [was made] by the Cenél Eógain and by Donnchadh Ua hEochada into Ulaid. The Ulaid overtook and defeated them, inflicting a slaughter upon them.


Donnchadh son of Flann Ua Maíl Shechnaill, king of western Mide, submitted to Muirchertach Ua Briain and received from him twenty ingots of gold as a stipend.



The Senior, son of Mael Mo-Lua, chief anchorite of Ireland, ended his life happily in Dún dá Lethglas.


Gilla Críst Ua Ruaidrí, chief anchorite of Uí Thairdelbaig, rested in Corcach.


A hosting by Muirchertach and by the Leth Moga into Connachta to Mag Aí, and the Conmaicne and Síl Muiredaig engaged the cavalry of the Munstermen, and the Connachta were defeated, the son of Cathal Ua Conchobuir, royal heir of Connachta, and many others being slain.


Ua hEgra, king of Luigne, was slain by the Cenél Dubáin; and Luigne and western Connachta were vacated and [their inhabitants] came into Mumu.


Muirchertach had an encampment in Mag Ua Fiachrach from mid-summer until the Feast of Michael [September 29], and he banished the Síl Muiredaig and the Conmaicne from Mag Aí and Mag Luirg northwards into In Dub-Bréifne. After that Ua Ruairc submitted to Muirchertach, and the high-kingship of Connachta, save Uí Fhiachrach, Uí Maine and Luigne, was given to him. And a hostage from every 'hearth' was given to Muirchertach by the Conmaicne and Síl Muiredaig.


Ua Cobthaig, king of Umall, was slain.


A great mortality of the men of Ireland, so that it is impossible to enumerate all the people that died. From that pestilence died: Domnall son of Matudán, king of Uí Echach; Domnall son of Beollán, prince of Dún na Sciath; Finn Ua Dúngalaig, royal heir of Múscraige Tíre; Mac Iairn Ua Coinnéin, steward of Urmumu; Ua Matudain, king of Síl Anmchada; Dubshlatach Ua Muiredaig and Raen Ua Follomain, two chiefs of Clann Uatach; Gofraid, king of Áth Cliath and Insi Gall; Muirchertach Ua Cairre, chief of Cenél Eógain Tulcha Óc; Muirchertach son of Domnall son of Gilla Pátraic, royal heir of Osraige; Mael Pátraic, bishop of Ard Macha; Dubthach Ua Sochainn, learned priest of In Fherta in Ard Macha; Mael Brigte


Ua Brolcháin, i.e. the son of Mael Ísu; Donngus Ua hAingliu, bishop of Áth Cliath; the bishop Ua Ceithernaig, abbot of Ferna Mór; the bishop [Ua] Maíl Chuaráin; Ua Mancháin of the community of Glenn dá Locha; Ua Rinnánaig, lector of Leithglenn; Scandlán Ua Cnámsige, the anchorite; Donnchadh Ua Ferchair, vice-abbot of Les Mór; Mael Muad, grandson of Clothna, abbot of Cluain Uama; Ua Maíl Muine, abbot of Inis Cathaig; the priest Ua Gerruidir and Gilla na Naem Ua hÉnna of the community of Cell Dá Lua; Ua hÁbartaig, abbot of Mag Eó; Eógan, head of the monks of the Gaedil in Rome; Dub Choblaig, daughter of Gilla Pátraic; Dub Choblaig, daughter of Domnall Ruad Ua Briain; the daughter of Ua Lugda, mother of Ua Flaithbertaig [and] the wife of Donnchadh Ua hAichir.


Abundance of mast, moreover, in this year.

Annal AI1096


Bissextile. The Kalends of January on Tuesday, and the second day of the moon thereon.


Ua hAinbith, king of Uí Méith and the men of Fernmag, died.


A muster of the Uí Méith into Uí Echach Ulad on a foray, and they carried off cows. The Uí Echach came upon them, making a slaughter of them, and the son of Ua hAinbith and many others were killed.


Dúngal son of Bran Brec, king of Na Clanna, ended his life in Les Mór Mo-Chutu.


Mathgamain Ua Ségda, king of Corcu Duibne, rested in Christ.


Donn Sléibe Ua Donnocáin, king of Múscraige Mittaine, rested in Christ.


Conchobar Ua hAnmchada, king of Uí Liatháin, rested in Christ.


Luimnech was burned by lightning on the day before the Kalends [1st] of April.

Annal AI1097


The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the thirteenth of the moon thereon.


Tadc, son of Ruaidrí, was slain.



Cairpre Ua Síta, chief jurist of Ireland, rested in Christ.


The son of Mac Raith the poet, rested in Christ.

Annal AI1098


The Kalends of January on Friday, and the twenty-fourth of the moon thereon.


Flaithbertach Ua Flaithbertaig, king of the west of Connachta, was slain.


Mael Ísu Ua Stuir rested in Christ.

    1. A thousand years and a hundred
      Less two years—'tis no lie—
      From the birth of Christ in pure Bethlehem
      Till the death of perfect Mael Ísu(?).


Mael Brénainn Ua Duinnín, lector and vice-erenagh of Ard Ferta Brénainn, rested in Christ.


Domnall Ua hÉnne, chief master in wisdom, eminent bishop of Ireland, and the most hospitable and charitable man in western Europe, rested in Christ.


Mac Raith Ua hErudáin, bishop of Ard Ferta Brénainn, rested in Christ.

Annal AI1099


The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the fifth day of the moon thereon.


Donnchadh Ua hAichir, the most hospitable man in Tuadmumu, rested.


Murchad, son of Cú Mara, son of Domnall, rested.

Annal AI1100


The Kalends of January on Sunday, and the sixteenth of the moon thereon.


Conn, son of Gilla Buide, rested in Christ.


Ua Lígda, a noble senior, rested in Christ.


Gilla na Naem Ua Conchobuir, or Ua hEidin, rested.


The son of Domnall Ua Cuirc, king of Múscraige Breogain, died.


Domnall son of Mac Lochlainn, king of Ailech, imprisoned Donnchadh Ua hEochada, high-king of Ulaid,


and the hostages which he (Donnchadh) had taken, were afterwards brought from Ulaid.


The plundering of Fine Gall as far as Áth Cliath by Ua Lochlainn.


Muirchertach Ua Briain [went] to Es (Ruaid) ... and took the river ...


A battle between the Cenél Lugdach themselves, in which Ua Domnaill, king of Cenél Lugdach, Mael Goan Ua Loingsig and his son and many others fell, and Ua Maíl Gaíthe was slain on the other side.


Echrí Ua Maíl Maire, king of Ciannachta, was slain by the son of Tadc Ua Conchobuir on the fifteenth of the Kalends of January [December 18].


The oratory of Both Medba was burned.

Annal AI1101


The Kalends of January on Tuesday, and the twenty-seventh of the moon thereon. The first year after the bissextile, and that was the best year for milk, corn, and good weather.


A great hosting around Ireland by Muirchertach, son of Tairdelbach, and he destroyed Ailech and Cúil Rathain at Tuag Inbir, took the hostages of the Ulaid, and proceeded along Slige Midluachra. It was then a naval force came round ... from(?) the north, and they destroyed Inis Cathaig, taking many valuables from it, and committed many other evil deeds.


A great raid was made by the Uí Echach Ulad on the community of Ard Macha, and twenty-four of the inmates of the monastery were slain.


The men of Mide and the Gailenga went on a foray against the men of Fernmag, and the men of Fernmag inflicted a great slaughter upon them. And Donnchadh Ua hEochada was released by Ua Lochlainn, and together they devastated Ulaid.


A great mortality of cattle in Leth Moga [this] year.