Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI1082


The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the twenty-seventh of the moon thereon.


Cathal Ua Conchobuir, a royal heir of Connachta, was slain by Ruaidrí Ua Conchobuir.


Cenn Faelad Ua hÓcáin of Dál Cais took the coarbship of Brénainn after Ua Flainn.

Annal AI1083


The Kalends of January on Sunday, and the ninth day of the moon thereon.


Tadc Ua Taidc, coarb of Flannán, rested in Christ.


{Aed Ua Maíl Shechnaill ended his life}.

Annal AI1084


Bissextile. The Kalends of January on Monday, and the twentieth of the moon thereon.



A hosting by Tairdelbach Ua Briain to Leth Cuinn against the son of [In] Cailech Ua Ruairc. Conchobar Ua Cétfada died in his bed on that hosting; and the two sons of Tairdelbach, i.e. Tadc and Muirchertach, went and burned the land of [In] Cailech's son. And the people of [In] Cailech's son and of Art Ua Ruairc's son came southwards and burned Cell Dá Lua, Tuaim Gríne, and Mag nEó [In] Cailech's son came with the forces of Leth Cuinn and burned Fine Gall. Muirchertach Ua Briain, son of Tairdelbach, came with the forces of Mumu, Laigin, and the foreigners, and they fought a battle in which Muirchertach, son of Tairdelbach, was victor. And the son of [In] Cailech Ua Ruairc was slain therein, and with him there fell five of the Uí Briain including Cennétig Ua Briain, and many others.

Annal AI1085


The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the first day of the moon thereon.


Ua Selbaig, coarb of Barre, rested in Christ. Mac Bethad Ua hÁilgenáin of Dál Cais succeeded him.

Annal AI1086


The Kalends of January on Thursday, and the twelfth of the moon thereon. The second year after the bissextile.


Mael Ísu Ua Brolcháin of the community of Ard Macha, the venerable senior and eminent sage of Ireland, rested in Les Mór Mo-Chutu.


Mac Bethad Ua Conchobuir, king of Ciarraige Luachra, died.


Tairdelbach Ua Briain, king of Ireland, rested in Cenn Corad.


Mumu was divided in three between the three sons of Tairdelbach, namely, Tadc, Muirchertach, and Diarmait.


Two Ua Muirchertaigs, two kings of Eógan acht, and Cathal Ua Conchobuir, king of Ciarraige Luachra, slew one another.


Tadc, son of Tairdelbach Ua Briain, died in Cenn Corad in his father's bed; and Diarmait Ua Briain was banished from Mumu, and Muirchertach Ua Briain took the kingship thereof.


Annal AI1087


The Kalends of January on Friday, and the twenty-third of the moon thereon.


Cathal Ua Cétfada was slain in Osraige.


Niall Ua Cétfada died in Luimnech.


A battle between the Connachta, and the son of Art Ua Ruairc fell therein.


A defeat [was inflicted] by Muirchertach on the son of Domnall Remar at Ráith Étair.

Annal AI1088


Bissextile. The Kalends of January on Saturday, and the fourth day of the moon thereon.


Diarmait Ua Briain brought a naval force on a circuit, and they plundered Cluain Uama and bore off the relics of Barre from Cell na Clérech, but they were overtaken and two hundred of them slain.


A hosting by the Laigin and by the son of Domnall Remar to Port Láirge. Énna, son of Diarmait, and the nobles of Desmumu [were] in the fortress, and the Laigin failed to take it, and Domnall's son was defeated at Inis Teimle, and a slaughter inflicted upon him.


A hosting by Muirchertach into Laigin, and the Leth Cuinn came in his rear, burning Luimnech and Mungarit, and they levelled the fort of Cenn Corad and took captives from it.

Annal AI1089


The Kalends of January on Monday, and the fifteenth of the moon thereon.


Muirchertach Ua Briain went on a foray to Mide and encamped at Loch Aininn. He came thence into Laigin and slew Domnall's son, took the kingship of Laigin and Áth Cliath, and imprisoned Énna, son of Diarmait.


A hosting by Muirchertach Ua Briain into Connachta, and he felled the Ruadbethech and made a camp at Loch Cime.

Annal AI1090


The Kalends of January on Tuesday, and the twenty-sixth of the moon thereon.



Mael Dúin Ua Rebacháin, coarb of Mo-Chutu, rested in Christ.


Donnchadh, son of Domnall Ua Gilla Pátraic, was slain.

Annal AI1091


The Kalends of January on Wednesday, and the seventh day of the moon thereon.


The son of Dub dá Bairenn Ua Domnaill was treacherously slain by his kinsman despite mutual oaths on the relics of Ireland, and the latter was slain forthwith.


A battle between the Ulaid and the Cenél Eógain, and Donn Sleibe Ua hEochada, king of Ulaid, was slain therein, and Donnchadh Ua hEochada was afterwards made king.


Caínchomrac Ua Cel... from Cenél Eógain ... a celibate, a noble priest, and favourite disciple of Mael Ísu Ua Brolcháin, rested in Christ in Cluain Finnglaise in Múscraige Breogain.


Mael Ísu, coarb of Patrick, rested in Christ.