Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI982


Kl. The first feria [Sunday], second of the moon.


The men of Mumu made a foray as far as Osraige and took a great prey, and a good number of them were slain there.


Cathal son of Gébennach, a royal heir of In Déis Bec, and Uainide son of Donnubán, king of Uí Chairpri, and Donnchadh son of Mael Sechnaill, king of Gabair, and many others died this year.


The Tree of Mag Adar was broken by Leth Cuinn.

Annal AI983


Kl. The second feria [Monday], thirteenth of the moon.


A large fleet [was brought] by Brian, son of Cennétig, into the territory of Connachta, and portion of his force was slain there, i.e. Mael Sechnaill, son of Coscrach, and Finn, son of Dubchrón, and Lochlainn son of Mael Sechnaill, royal heir of Corcu Modruad. His officials went by land into Uí Briúin, and great slaughter was mutually inflicted upon them and upon the Uí Brúin.


Repose of Cormac son of Mael Ciarain, abbot of Les Mór.


The capture of Gilla Pátraic, son of Donnchadh, king of Osraige, and the harrying of Osraige by Brian, son of Cennétig, and the taking of its hostages. He took the hostages of Laigin first in the middle of Mag Ailbe.

Annal AI984


Kl. The third feria [Tuesday], twenty-fourth of the moon.


A great naval expedition(?) by the sons of Aralt to Port Láirge, and they and the son of Cennétig exchanged hostages there as a guarantee of both together providing a hosting to attack Áth Cliath. The men of Mumu assembled and proceeded to Mairg Laigen, and the foreigners overcame the Uí Cheinnselaig and went by sea; and the men of Mumu, moreover, devastated Osraige in the same year, and its churches, and the churches of Laigin, and the fortifications of both were laid waste, and Gilla Pátraic, son of Donnchadh, was released.


Annal AI985


Kl. The fifth feria [Thursday], fifth of the moon.


The Déisi raided Brian's mercenaries and took three hundred cows. And Brian harried the Déisi to avenge that, and chased Domnall, son of Faelán, as far as Port Láirge, and the whole of the Déisi was devastated.


Abundance of mast in the above year, and it lasted until the end of the next year.

Annal AI986


Kl. The sixth feria [Friday], sixteenth of the moon.


Aed, son of Mathgamain, was imprisoned by Brian, son of Cennétig.


Tipraite was removed from his abbot's seat in Imlech Ibuir. The abbacy was then given to Cétfaid, fosterson of Riata.


Í Coluim Chille was plundered by foreigners, and the Isles were devastated by them, and they slew the bishop of Í.

Annal AI987


Kl. The seventh feria [Saturday], twenty-seventh of the moon.


A hosting by Brian, son of Cennétig, across Desmumu,and he took the hostages of Les Mór, Corcach and Imlech Ibuir as a guarantee of the banishment of robbers and lawless people therefrom.

Annal AI988


Kl. The first feria [Sunday], ninth of the moon.


A fleet, viz. 300 boats, [was put] on Loch Rí by Brian, and they harried Mide and went to Uisnech. And twenty five boats of these went into Connachta, and a great slaughter of their crews was inflicted there, including Dúnlang, king of Raithlenn, Niall Ua hEirc, Dúngalach Ua Loingsig, and many others. And by them was slain Muirgius son of Conchobar, royal heir of Connachta.


Annal AI989


Kl. The third feria [Tuesday], twentieth of the moon.


Repose of Cétfaid fosterson of Riata, coarb of Ailbe.


Glún Iairn son of Amlaíb, king of the foreigners, was killed by his own people.


Congal son of Anrudán, king of Corcu Duibne, dies.


Colum son of Ciarucán, coarb of Barre, rested.


Dubchrón Ua Longacháin, king of Uí Chuanach, dies.

Annal AI990


The fourth feria [Wednesday], first of the moon.


Marcán, son of Cennétig, took the abbacy of Imlech Ibuir; and the son of Ímar abandoned Port Láirge; and Ros Ailithir was invaded by foreigners, and the lector, namely, Mac Coise Dobráin, was taken prisoner by them, and he was ransomed by Brian at Inis Cathaig.


Death of Domnall son of Lorcán, king of Uí Fharga.


Daire Calgaig was plundered.

Annal AI991


Kl. The fifth feria [Thursday], twelfth of the moon.


A hosting by Brian son of Cennétig into Laigin, on which fell Tadc, son of Donnchadh, and Cerrán Cnámchaille was killed to avenge him.


Donnchadh Ua Congalaig, royal heir of Ireland, was treacherously killed by Mael Sechnaill, son of Domnall, by means of an alliance(?).


Death of Domnall Ua Dúngalaig.


Repose of Scandlán son of Tadc, erenagh of Cell Dá Lua.