Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annals of Inisfallen (Author: unknown)

Annal AI564


Kl. Death of Diarmait, son of Cerball, whom Aed Dub slew in Ráith Bec. [AU 565, 572].


Death of Daimín, son of ... [AU 565].

Annal AI565


Kl. Death of Domnall, son of Mac Erce, who reigned one year, and fell at the hand of the Laigin in the battle of Gabair Liphi; but the Laigin fled. [AU 566].

Annal AI566


Kl. Birth of Lugaid, son of Caelub.

Annal AI567


Kl. Repose of bishop Gildas. [AU 570, 577].

Annal AI568


Kl. A battle in Ard Tómáin by Colmán Bec, son of Ailill, son of Comgall. [AU 567, 568].

Annal AI569


Kl. Death of Ainmire, son of Sétna, and of Baetán,son of Eochu [AU 569, 576].

Annal AI570


Kl. Repose of Aenu, abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis. [AU 570, 577].


Repose of Íte of Cluain, i.e. the fostermother of Jesus Christ and of Brénainn, i.e., of Cluain Ferta. [AU 570, 577].

Annal AI571


Kl. Death of two descendants of Muirchertach, namely, Baetán, son of Mac Erce, and Eochaid, son of Domnall, son of Mac Erce. [AU 572].

Annal AI572


Kl. The battle of Tala. [AU 573, 574].


Annal AI573


Kl. The battle of Feimen, in which Colmán Bec, son of Diarmait, was slain by the Munstermen. Hence are Cennach and Loch Cenn in Mag Feimin, from the heads of those who were killed in the strife. Cairpre, son of Feidlimid son of Aengus, won the battle. Loch Sílenn was the name of that lake at first. Hence Patrick said:

    1. Loch Sílenn,
      Alas for him who drinks it with his food!
      Cairpre has filled it with heads
      So that it is gore to its bottom.


Brénainn of Birra rested in Christ. [AU 565, 572].


Crónán moccu Lugdach rested.