Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1540


Kalends of Jan. on Thur., 20th of moon, A.D., 1540.


The sons of O'Baighill, namely, Concobur and Niall the Red, fell by each other in the Spring of this year.


The abbot of Ard-Macha, namely, Gilla-Padraig O'Donghaile, died this year.


Graine junior, daughter of O'Uiginn namely, wife of Feidhlimidh O'Doibhilen, died this year.


John, son of Donchadh, son of Redmond Mag Uidhir, was slain by Domnall O'Neill of the Glens about the feast of Patrick of this year.


Two sons of Brian, son of Domnall O'Neill, namely, Domnall and Feidhlimidh, died this year.


Aedh the Gloomy, son of William, son of bishop O'Gallchabair, namely, the man by whom fell O'Baighill, was slain by the Clann-Baighill.


Ua Neill went into Fir-Manach and John, son of Cu-Connacht Mag Uidhir, was


made Mag Uidhir by them, without leave of Gilla-Padraig Mag Uidhir, who was the Mag Uidhir and at the time in great suffering of illness. On the vigil Mar. 24 of the day of the great feast of Mary that was done.


Jacques, son of Conn Ua Domnaill, was slain by the sons of Murchadh Mac Suibne na Tuath this year.


The sons of Ua Domnaill—namely, Donchadh the Carbrian and Eignechan—and John of Magh- Luirg went against the Ua Domnaill, at request of the Calbach. And the three Mac Suibnes and the two Ua Firghils and Ua Domnaill took them and hung said John (namely, son of Brian, son of Aedh the Freckled).


Aedh Mac Domnaill died.


Thomas Mac Magnusa, namely, the Official, died.


There was a plague in the Ard of Muintir-Luinin and Nehemias O'Luinin and his wife and his children died.


Philip junior, son of Philip, son of Brian and the son of Niall O'Domnaill the Rough went on raid into Muintir Peodachain and Domnall Ua Doibhilen junior, and the sons of Cormac Mac Almunain were hung by them, and good noble persons, namely, Toirdelbach, son of Thomas Mag Samradhain the Bald and Fer-dorcha, son of Aodh, son of the same Thomas, were slain there by them.


O'Dochartaigh, namely, Gerald, son of Domnall, son of Feidhlimidh O'Dochartaigh, died this year and Feidhlimidh, son of Concobur Carrach, was made O'Dochartaigh.


A hosting was made by Ua Domnaill and by Ua Neill against the Foreigners and towns, namely, the town of Ath-ria and the Cave, were broken down by them. And the host of the Gaidhil turned and took up an encampment in Fern-magh. And the Saxon Justiciary Lord Gray and the


nobles of the Foreigners followed them and defeated the lords of the Gaidhil and much provision and chattel of the Foreigners themselves was wrested from them there. And Mag Aenghusa was slain there and Mac Maelcraibhe, namely, Gilla-Padraig and Mael-Mure the Brusque, the son of Eogan Mac Suibne the Red, were slain there also.


Niall Ua Baighill junior was slain by Concubur, son of Ua Baighill.


Dundara Mac Caba, namely, son of the black Gillie Mac Caba, namely, constable of the descendants of Philip Mag Uidhir, died this year.


Mac Samradhain was slain in treachery this year and Aithne was made king in his stead.


Ua Casside, namely, Gilla-na-naem, ollam of the descendants of Philip Mag Uidhir, died this year.


Two sons of Aodh O'Neill the Brusque, namely, Conn, son of Aodh and Domnall the Manly, were slain by Mac Uibilin, namely, Rughraidhe Mac Uibilin, on the nexti.e. Western (Fermanagh) side of Bel-Fersti and it happened thus: he was going on a raid-march into the Ard of Ulidia and they were pursuing him [gap: illegible]