Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1506


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 4th of moon, A.D. 1506.


The son of Mag Uidhir, namely, Aedh, son of Edmund, son of Thomas Mag Uidhir junior, was slain this year by the sons of Conn O'Neill and by Philip, son of Gilla-Padraig Mag Uidhir, in pursuit of a prey which the son of O'Neill, namely, Aedh, son of Conn O'Neill, carried off from Cuil-na-nairther.


The son of Godfrey Mag Uidhir the Red, namely, Maghnus, died.


The son of Brian of Tellach-Eathach, namely, Feidhlimidh, died.


James, son of Philip, son of the black Gillie Mag Uidhir, died.


Thomas, son of Oliver Plunket, was slain by the clan of Mathgamain Ua Raighilligh, namely, by the Calbach, son of Feidlimidh and by his sons. And war of Foreigners and Gaidhil arose through that.


Paidin Ua Mael-Conaire, unique choice of Ireland in poetry and in history, died of a fit, the night of Little Easter Monday and so on.


The son of Ua Cathain, namely, Brian the Fair, son of John Ua Cathain, was slain by Domnall, son of Niall, son of Henry, son of Eogan Ua Neill. And a son to that Brian, namely, Maghnus Ua Cathain, was slain by Donchadh in the same quarter of


the year.


Thomas Mag Coscraigh the Tawny, namely, herenagh of Cluain-eosain-eois, died.


Mac Uibhilin namely, Walter, son of Cormac, son of Jenkin Mac Uibhlin, was slain by O'Cathain, namely, by Thomas, son of Aibne O'Cathain and by the sons of John O'Cathain, namely, by Donchadh and by Domnall the cleric. And there were slain along with him there two sons of Tuathal O'Domnaill and two sons of O'Hara and three sons of O'Buighellain and two sons of O'Chuinn. And, moreover, there fell 14 men of the worthies of his people along with him. And on the vigil of Lammas Day that was done.


The town of Ath-truim was burned in very great part on the side beyond the water by fire of lightning this year.


Aedh the Red, son of Glaisne Mag Mathgamna, was slain by O'Raighilligh, namely, by John, son of Cathal O'Raighilligh and by his sons this year.


Mag Murchaidh was slain this year in wresting a prey from him which he took in Fern-magh.


Rughraidhe, son of Toirdelbach Mag Uidhir, was wounded dangerously in the eye by shot of arrow in pursuit of prey which Edmund, son of Philip, son of Brian Mag Uidhir, took off from part of Tellach-Eathach.


Great war and many injuries took place between the two Philips, namely, Philip, son of Toirdelbach Mag Uidhir and Philip, son of Brian Mag Uidhir, through that and so on.


Division of territory was mooted this year between the descendants of Philip Mag Uidhir. And it was Ruaidhri, son of Brian Mag Uidhir and his sons that were demanding that division, and Philip, son of Brian, brought Scots, namely, Somairle Aneloigh with his people, to him and a raid was made by them on Ruaidhri. But Ruaidhri and Philip, son of Toirdelbach Mag Uidhir, went in pursuit of the prey. The son of Toirdelbach was asking not to make the pursuit that day


and to make peace. Ruaidhri disregarded advice and the prey was pursued by them. The Scots turned against them and overcame them and Ruaidhri was taken there and his son, namely, John Mag Uidhir, was slain. And Philip, son of Toirdelbach Mag Uidhir, was dangerously wounded in his foot and taken there and left out quickly after that. And destruction of the whole country came of that, both church and laity, such as came not for a long time before that and so on.


Domnall O'Craidhain, namely, an honourable, conscientious merchant, died of a fit, in hearing Mass in the monastery of Dun-na-Gall, this year.


Mac Briain Mac Maghnusa, namely, Murchadh—one who was styled the black Gillie—son of Thomas junior, son of Thomas Mor, son of Brian, died this year (namely, the night of Great Christmas), after spending very much of his time in keeping a guest-house and so on.


Maghnus Mac Amhlaim, namely, son of Brian, son of Amlam Mag Uidhir, died.