Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1502


Kalends of Jan. on 7th feria, 20th of moon, A.D. 1502.


Inroad was made by O'Raighilligh, namely, by John, son of Cathal Ua Raighilligh, on Philip, son of Toirdelbach Mag Uidhir, and the level part of the country above Clann-Amhlaim was traversed and burned by them and Edmond, son of Philip Mac Amhlaim the Swarthy, and 5 or 6 others were slain by them. And there were slain from that host, to wit, the son of Ua Raighilligh, namely, Domnall of the Plain, and the son of Mac Mael-Martain, namely, Concobur.


The son of Mac Ribertaigh, namely, Mael-Shechlainn, son of Cu-Connacht Mac Ribertaigh, that is, the son of the ollam of Mag Uidhir in poetry, was killed in treachery this year by Edmond Carrach, Mac Briain Mac Maghnusa and by the son of Mac Rusteil.


Incursion was made by the son of John Mag Mathgamna the Tawny and by the sons of Edmund Mag Uidhir on the sons of Flaithbertach Mag Uidhir, whereby they were pillaged, except a little, and wherein was taken Brian the Scarred, son of Flaithbertach and he bruised. And Toirdelbach, son of Flaithbertach, was left for dead and Concobur, son of Tadhg O'Caiside, (namely, an eminent physician) was seriously wounded and died of it.


Donchadh, son of Concobur (namely, son of the Mag Uidhir), son of Thomas Mag Uidhir junior, died this year of his wound: to wit, he was wounded before that in the defeat of Sliabh-Beatha and died of it at the end. And a noble, well-mannered youth was that person.


O'Baighill, namely, Niall O'Baighill and his two sons were slain by the sons of Toirdelbach O'Baighill this year.


Art, son of Henry, son of Eogan Ua Neill, was slain this year by Art, son of Conn, son of Henry, son of the same Eogan, and Eogan, son of


Aedh, son of Art Ua Neill, was slain by Aedh, son of Conn Ua Neill, in the same week.


The monastery of Cavan was negotiated from Rome this year by O'Raighilligh, namely, by John, son of Cathal O'Raighilligh, to the Friars of Stricter Observance against the Friars of Common Life.


Eogan the Poor, son of Niall, son of Henry Ua Neill, died this year.


Cathal, son of Mael-Shechlainn Mag Samradhain the Black, was slain this year by the sons of O'Raighilligh (namely, by the sons of John, son of Cathal), at instigation of the son of Brian and of his sons.


Two abbots who were long in contention respecting the abbacy of Ess-ruadh, namely, Art, son of bishop O'Gallchubair and John Ua Laisdi, died within two days and a night after each other.


The daughter of Ruaidhri Blind-eye Mag Uidhir, namely Medbh, the wife Tadhg Mac Gaillghile had and that bore children to the junior abbot, died this year.


The Coarb of Cluain-eois, namely, James, son of Rughraidhe Mag Mathgamna, died this year, in an old age of 90 years.


Tadhg, son of Conn, son of Domnall Ua Neill, died this year.


Domnall, son of Feidhlimidh Ua Neill, died this year.


Donn, son of Philip Mag Uidhir, died this year.


Domnall, son of Brian Ua Uiginn, preceptor of the schools of Ireland and Scotland in poetry, died.


Very great inclemency in this year, so that it killed very much of the cattle of Ireland and hindered the husbandry of the land in respect to cultivators.


Ruaidhri, son of Muircertach O'Flannagain, was slain by the descendants of Aedh O'Ruairc.


Inroad was made by Mag Uidhir (namely, John) and by Aedh Ua Domnaill into Dartraighe of Con-inis upon the son of John Mag Mathgamna the Tawny and the town of the son of John the Tawny


and the whole country were burned bare by them and the stock of the country fled before them and the Oirghialla from the river of the Eoganach inwards and the descendants of Feidhlimidh O'Raighilligh and the descendants of Donchadh Mag Uidhir overtook them. But Mag Uidhir and the son of O'Domnaill went by force triumphantly from all those and persons were slain by them of the pursuers, under the son (namely, Feidhlimidh) of Concobur, son of Feidhlimidh Ua Raighilligh and so on.