Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1500


Kalends of Jan. on 4th feria, 27th of moon, A.D. 1500.


And a year of the Indulgences in Rome it was: to wit, the Golden Door was opened. And it was also a Bissextile year.


O'Ruairc, namely, Feidhlimidh, son of Donchadh, son of Tighernan, died this year and Eogan, son of Tighernan, son of Tadhg Ua Ruairc, was made king in his place.


Tadhg junior, son of Tadhg, son of Tighernan Ua Ruairc, died.


O'Banain (namely, Nicholas) of Daire-Maelain—to wit, one who was vicar in Daire-Maelain and herenagh over a third of the same place—died this year in Clann-in-caich of Ua Raighilligh.


Feradhach, son of Donn junior, son of Donn Mor Mag Uidhir and Brian, son of John, son of Domnall Mag Uidhir the Freckled,


were slain by the sons of Conn Ua Neill at Bel-atha-na-marclach.


Gilla-Crist, son of John Mac Caba the Fair, was slain on a night incursion in his own house by Aedh, son of John Mag Mathgamna the Tawny and the pillage of the town was done by them also.


Two sons of Donchadh junior, son of Donchadh Mor, son of Aedh Mag Uidhir, namely, James and Redmund, were slain by Eogan, son of Donchadh, son of the same Aedh.


The descendants of Donn, son of Cu-Connacht Mag Uidhir, went on inroad on the town of Mac Gilla-ruaidh and the black Gillie (namely, Mag Uidhir), son of Concobur, son of Thomas Mag Uidhir junior, was slain by them and Domnall Blind-eye Mac Gilla-ruaidh and his son and Ruaidhri, son of Domnall Mac Gilla-ruaidh the Short (or, of the pillaging) and other persons and five, or six good horses were carried off with them by them.


Eoghan, son of Feradhach the Stammerer, son of Feradhach, son of Donn, son of Cu-Connacht Mag Uidhir, was slain by Godfrey Mac Gilla-ruaidh.


A castle was begun by Philip, son of Brian, son of Philip Mag Uidhir, this year on the Rock of Loch-an-tairbh, in his own country.


Gilla-Padraig, son of Flaithbertach, son of Thomas Mag Uidhir junior, was slain by Niall, son of Art Ua Neill and by his sons and great spoils were carried off by them from the sons of Flaithbertach that day.


Brian Blind -eye, son of Niall, son of John the Tawny, son of Eogan Ua Neill, was slain by Domnall, son of John Ua Neill the Tawny and by the people of Aedh this year, in the door of the castle of Cennard.


Wet weather continuously and very great inclemency this year, from the feast of the Cross in Harvest to after the feast of Patrick, so that it injured much of the


husbandry and especially the wheat.


Thomas, son of Aedh, son of Brian, son of Philip Mag Uidhir of the battle- axe, was slain this year by Tadhg, son of Thomas, son of Thomas Mag Uidhir junior and by the Muintir-Mucaidhen. And a pleasant, virtuous man was that man.


A hosting by Ua Domnaill (namely, Aedh the Red) into Tir-Eogain this year, so that he burned the town of Ua Neill, namely, Dun-Genainn and broke down the Old Castle and burned the Crannog of Loch-Laeghuire and returned safe from that expedition to his house.


The castle of the sons of John Ua Neill the Tawny, namely, the castle of Cenn-ard, was taken by the Justiciary, namely, by the Earl of Kildare, that is, by Gerald, son of Earl Thomas and given then to Toirdelbach, son of Conn Ua Neill. And that Toirdelbach was taken by Ua Neill, namely, by Domnall Ua Neill, in the castle of Ua Neill himself, at the end of a half quarter afterwards and his cattle were taken from him and great war arose in the Province Ulster from that.


O'Ferghail, namely, Rughraidhe, son of Irial Ua Ferghail, was slain this year by James, son of Ruaidhri, son of Cathal, son of William Ua Ferghail (one who was as a hostage with Ua Ferghail himself. On Inis-mor of Loch-gamna that was done).


O'Brain of Leinster, namely, Cathair, son of Dunlong O'Brain, was slain this year by some of his own kinsmen.


Sorcha, daughter of Philip, son of Thomas (namely, the black Gillie) Mag Uidhir, died this year.


The town of Galway was this year burned for the greater part.


Godfrey junior, son of Godfrey Mag Uidhir the Red, died this year.


The Barrymore was slain this year by his own brother, namely, by David Barry, that is, archdeacon of Cloyne and Cork.


And David Barry was slain by Thomas Barry and by the Callaghan people and the Earl of Desmond disinterred the body of David at the end of 20 days and made it into dust and ashes.


Fox of Muintir-Tadhgain, namely, Cairpre Fox, was slain this year by Conn, son of Art, son of Conn O'Mail-Shechlainn.


The bishop of Derry died this year: to wit, Domnall Ua Fallamhuin, a Friar Minor of Stricter Observance; one who was laborious and successful in preaching throughout Ireland for 30 years before that.


Mael-Shechlainn the thievish, son of Tadhg, son of Maghnus Ua Flannagain, was hung this year by Mag Uidhir, namely, by John, son of Philip Mag Uidhir, in the Lent of the year. And that man (namely, Mael-Shechlainn the thievish) acknowledged that, outside beeves and hogs and sheep, he stole 35 horses from clergy and laity that were not taken nor demanded from him to the time of his death, outside of what was demanded and taken from him up to that.


(This year, two nights before the feast of the Nativity of the Lord, was born Graine, daughter of Gilla-Baedain, namely, of Thomas Mac Maghnusa.)