Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1480


Kalends of Jan. on 7th feria, 16th of the moon, A.D. 1480.


Mag Uidhir died this year, namely, Thomas junior, son of Thomas Mor, son of Philip, son of Aedh the Red: to wit, a man who was of the greatest charity and piety and hospitality that was in his own time and a man that defended his territory against its neighbours and a man that made churches and monasteries and Mass chalices and was once in Rome and twice at the city of St. James on his pilgrimage. And full were Ireland and Scotland of the fame of that Thomas. And he was buried in the monastery of Cavan, having chosen to be buried in it.


Mac Maghnusa Mag Uidhir died this year, namely, Cathal junior, son of Cathal Mor, son of Gilla-Padraig (that is the tawny Gillie) Mac Maghnusa: to wit, the brughaidh who was the best that was in Ireland in his own time. And full were Ireland and Scotland of the fame of that Cathal. And he died after


victory of Unction and penance (on the vigil of the Nativity of John the Baptist) and so on.


Maghnus Ua Domnaill the Red was slain by the sons of Feidhlimidh Ua Domnaill the Swarthy.


Ua Neill went on an inroad into Tir-Conaill and great burnings and many injuries were done by him.


Ua Domnaill went on an inroad into Cenel-Feradhaigh and the sons of Art Ua Neill and the sons of Feidhlimidh Ua Neill were in his company. And great raids were done by them on Mac Cathmail. Brian, son of Toirdelbach the Red, son of Ua Neill (namely, Henry) was slain by them and the son of Mac Cathmail, namely, James Mac Cathmail, was slain by them. And some of the sons of Ua Neill and Mac Cathmaill followed them and Eogan, son of Niall, son of Art Ua Neill, namely, an eminent leader, was slain by them and so on.


Redmond the Swarthy, son of Donn, son of Cu-Connacht Mag Uidhir, died this year on the Kalends 1st of August: to wit, a spirited, humane man.


Mac Gilla-Finnein, namely, Tadhg, son of Brian Mac Gilla-Finnein, died this year (that is, on the 10th of the Kalends of March Feb. 21: to wit, the chief that was the most spirited and kept the best guest-house in his vicinity.


Eogan Ua Domnaill was slain this year by the sons of Nechtain Ua Domnaill in Cluain-laegh and Eogan Blind-eye, son of Maghnus Ua Concobhair, was slain with them there and the sons of Toirdelbach Carrach Ua Concobuir taken there. Rughraidhe, son of Rughraidhe, son of Nechtain Ua Domnaill, was slain by the sons of Niall Ua Domnaill on the same war.


Ua Domnaill held a meeting with the sons of Nechtain and with Conn Ua Neill at the castle of the river Finn and peace was made by them with each other and the tanistship of Tir-Conaill given to Eignechan Ua Domnaill.


Cormac, grandson of


Art Mag Uidhir of Cuil, died this year.


Philip Mac Amhlaim. Mag Uidhir the Swarthy (to wit, tribe-head of his own ilk was that Philip) died this year.


Art, son of Rughraidhe Mag Mathgamna, was slain in the rear of a (night) foray that he made himself in the Fews, namely, in the territory of Cu-Uladh, son of Aedh Ua Neill.


Great war this year between the sons of Aedh Mag Mathgamna the Red and the sons of Redmond Mag Mathgamna and great raids were made on the sons of Redmond, who were forced into the Breifne, to the protection of Torlough Ua Raighilligh.


Fergal Mac Eochadha, namely, an eminent poet, died.


Ua hEoghusa, namely, Aenghus, son of John Ua hEoghusa, that is, an eminent poet and teacher and bookish man, died this year and so on.


A spirited encounter took place between the sons of Edmond de Burgh and the sons of Richard de Burgh and rout was put on the sons of Edmond and on the son of Mac Dubgaill of Scotland, namely, Colla, son of Mac Dubgaill, was slain there with one shot of an arrow. And David Mac-in-oirchinnigh and many other good persons were slain there.


A host of Foreigners went into Tir-Eogain this year with Conn Ua Neill, against the castle of John Ua Neill the Tawny: to wit, the Earl of Kildare, deputy of the king of the Saxons in Ireland and the Foreigners of Meath. And John the Tawny was himself in the castle and the castle was held by him in despite of the host. And the host went away and John the Tawny made peace with Ua Neill and so on.



John Mac Gilla-Finnein, namely, son of Brian Mac Gilla-Finnein, and thirteen of the people of the sons of Brian, son of Philip Mag Uidhir, were slain at Bealach-Ui-Mithighen on the 2nd of the Kalends of March Feb. 29 by the sons of Ua Ruairc, that is, by Tighernan and by Brian the Red, namely, sons of Tighernan, son of Tadhg, son of Tighernan Ua Ruairc.


Sorcha, daughter of Cu-Connacht, son of Donchadh Mag Mathgamna, namely, wife of the chief of Muinter-Peodachain, that is, wife of Toirdelbach, son of Brian Mac Gilla-Finnein, died on the 6th of the Kalends of August July 27.


Mag Bradaigh, namely, Toirdelbach the Red, son of Cormac, son of Donchadh Mag Bradaigh, died this year.