Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1454


Kalends of Jan. on 3rd feria, 29th of the moon, A.D. 1454.


Ua Domnaill, namely, Rughraidhe, son of Nechtain Ua Domnaill, was killed by Domnall, son of Niall Ua Domnaill (the Rough). And it was thus he was killed: to wit, Ua Dochartaigh captured Domnall in treachery and put him, into the castle of Inis. The people of Ua


Dochartaigh, that is, the party guarding Domnall, proved false to Ua Dochartaigh: namely, made himself prisoner, and liberated Domnall. When Ua Domnaill, that is, Rughraidhe, learned that Domnall was captured by Ua Dochartaigh, he mustered a host to him and went and surrounded the castle of Inis. And the other Ua Domnaill, namely, Domnall, was safe therein and Ua Dochartaigh in custody therein with his own people and with Domnall. Rughraidhe and Mac Uibilin were attacking the castle against Domnall. Now, Domnall went on the top of the castle and cast a stone forth therefrom (on the Nones 7th of April) on Ua Domnaill (namely, Rughraidhe) and killed him with that cast. And he came forth himself afterwards with victory of overthrow and pursued the besieging host and wrested great spoil from them. And himself took Tir-Conaill in its entirety from that out and so on.


Domnall, son of John Ua Raighilligh (namely, Domnall Ua Raghilligh the Fair), died this year.


Lasairfina, daughter of Mac Maghnusa, namely, daughter of Cathal junior, son of Cathal Mor, wife of Ua Fialain, that is, of John, son of Eogan Ua Fialain, to wit, a charitable, well-mannered woman, died on the 6th of the Ides 8th of June.


John Mac Amhlaim the Tawny,


namely, son of Brian, son of Amhlam, son of Philip, son of Amhlam, son of Donn Carrach Mag Uidhir and Gilla-Patraig the Swarthy, his other brother, were slain in treachery by Niall, son of Cormac, son of the Black Gillie, son of Aedh-from whom is the Clann-Aedha of the Clann-Amhlaim-son of Philip, son of Amhlam, son of Donn Carrach Mag Uidhir, on the 5th of the Ides 11th of May.


Graine, daughter of Concobar Mac Magnusa, a well-mannered maiden, died on the 6th of the Ides 8th of January.


A sermon was preached this year on the Cloch-cuir in Fir-Manach by Tadhg Ua Donnchadha, namely, on the feast- day of St. Lawrence. And it was for this I wrote that, be-

cause it is known to me that that sermon of the Cloch-cuir is being mentioned by a multitude of persons.