Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1372


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 18th of the moon, A.D. 1372-7.


Walter, son of Sir David de Burgh, died.


Geoffrey Ua Flannagain, chief of Clann-Cathail, died.


Nualaith, daughter of Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh, died.


An incursion was made by Richard de Burgh junior on the Clann-Cuilen: a leaguer of two days and two nights was made by them in the country. The Clann-Cuilen assembled under Aedh Mac Conmara, namely, the son of the daughter of Ua Dalaigh and defeat was inflicted on the Clann-Ricaird there, wherein were killed Theobald Mac William, head of the large kern-force, and three sons of O'Eidhin and many others. And Brian O'Flaithbertaigh was taken prisoner there.


John Ua Rodachain, successor of St. Caillin, a general sage, died this year.


The bishop Ua Ceallaigh, namely, bishop of Cluain-ferta of St. Brennan, died.


The castle of Lisaird-abla was built by John Ua Ferghail, chief of the hAnghaile, this year.


Great war arose between O'Concobuir and Mac Diarmata and Magh-Luirg was destroyed, both tillage and dwelling. And people were killed between them. And peace was made after that by them and large donatives were got by Mac Diarmata from Ua Concobuir for the sake of that peace.


An attack was made by Mac William de Burgh and by Mael-Sechlainn Ua Cellaigh and by the Ui-Maine on Ua Conchobuir at the castle of Ros-Comain. And Ua Concobuir arose against them with his forces and battle was given to each other by them. And defeat was inflicted on Mac William and on the Ui-Maine and Richard de Burgh, head of the urbanity of Connacht, was slain there and Domnall,


son of Cathal Ua Concobuir junior, was slain there and Tadhg junior, grandson of Tadhg Ua Ceallaigh and Ua Mainnin Mor and Mac Dubghaill and the son of Niall Mac Neill the Crooked and many others were slain there likewise.


Mael-Domnaigh the vigil-keeper, and Fachtna, son of David Ua Mordha, died.


Edward III., king of the Saxons, died.


Donnchadh, son of William Ua Cerbaill the handsome, king of Eili, eminent in hospitality and prowess, died this year.


Mathgamain Mac Conmara, namely, the son of the daughter of Ua Dalaigh, died in that year.


The Monastery of Es-ruadh was burned in the same year.


Geoffery, son of Annagh Ua Raighillaigh, was killed by the Clann-in-caich.


Mac Branain the Lame and the great Dean, Mac Muirghisa, died in the court of the Pope.


Domnall Ua Gallchobuir, namely, son of Ferghal, son of Inmanagh, died.