Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1373


A.D. 1373.


Attack was made by the Foreigners of Meath on the Muinter-Anghaile and Ruaidhri, son of Cathal Ua Ferghail and his son and many of, his people were slain. And Donnchadh Ua Ferghail followed them


and many of them were slain by him and one shot of an arrow killed himself. And it had been defeat for all the, host, had it not been for that shot.


William Dalton and the Sheriff of Meath were killed by the Cenel-Fiachaidh and by Ua Mael-Shechlainn.


Mael-Sechlainn O'Neill the Connacian died.


Adam Ua Cianain died this year a canon, after being tonsured by the canons of Lisgabhail, on gaining victory from world and from demon.


Barrdubh, daughter of Ua Ruairc, died.


Great wind in this year, whereby were broken down houses and churches numerous.


Toirdelbach O'Concobhair the Red was traversing the Plain of Connacht on foot that year and he went through the raiders, twelve horse-men strong, of the son of the Parson Mac Feorais. And a gillie of his O'Conor's people raised a helmet to him for annoyance. And the people of The son of the Parson followed them and they were overtaken by the horse-host. And Toirdelbach the Red himself occupied the rear of his people. And no lookout was kept by them at first, so that the excessive force of the horsehost poured unawares on them. Most courageously was that onset borne by them; for Toirdelbach the Red slew a portion of them and some of his people were slain. Single combat was given by The son of the Parson and by Toirdelbach to each other and The son of the Parson fell by him with one stroke of a sword. And there was not done in that time a slaying that was more courageous and of greater fame than that slaying.


Matthew, son of Oscar Mag Uidhir, rested in


Christ on the 14th of the Kalends of November Oct. 19 and his brother, namely, John, son of Oscar, was killed on the same day.