Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1366

[Entries U1366.10 and U1366.11 are in reverse order in the Irish text.]


Kalends of Jan. on 2nd feria, 20th of the moon, A.D. 1366-9.


Philip Ua Raighillaigh was taken prisoner and deposed by his own kinsmen and he was put into the Rock of Loch-huachtair and great hardship inflicted on him. And the kingship was taken by Maghnus Ua Raighillaigh. And great war arose in the Breifni through that.


Gerald Caemanach, material of an arch-king of Leinster, was killed by the Black Knight,—a great deed for the Gaidhil of all Ireland.


Tigernan Ua Ruairc went on a foray into Lorg and the prey was brought spiritedly by them with them and Aedh junior, son of Aedh Ua Ruairc, was killed thereon by Ua Mael-aduain of Lorg.


The Dean Ua Bardin, a sage without defect, died.


Diarmait Red-hand Mac Murchadha, arch king of Leinster, was in long custody with the Foreigners of Ath-cliath, having been captured in treachery by the Black Knight and he was drawn asunder at the end by them,—a deed the greatest that was done in the end of time.


Mathgamain Ua Briain of Maenmagh, king of Thomond, the best and the most pre-eminent Gaidhel that was during his own period, died in his own stronghold, after victory of penance. And his son Brian Ua


Briain junior took his place after him.


Defeat was inflicted on Maghnus Ua Raighillaigh (namely, the Defeat of the Strand, at the Island of the Trinity), twenty nights before Lammas, by the sons of the kings and by Mag Mathgamna and by Mac Caba. And many of the people of Ua Raighillaigh were slain there, under three sons of Cormac Ua Ferghail, namely, Jenkin and Mael-Sechlainn and Ferghus. And Feidhlimidh, son of Aedh Ua Conchobuir of the Quill, a son of a king without lack of nobleness or generosity, was slain there. And Donn Mac Canrubha, the unique youth of the Fifth of Connacht in joyance and in brilliant prowess and in noble hospitality, was slain there likewise. And Sitric Mac-in-Maighistir of the nose, a man that kept a general guest-house, was slain there. And many others were slain there.


Ua Maeladuin, king of Lorg, was killed in treachery by the sons of Niall Ua Domnaill. And Philip Mag Uidhir, king of the seven Territories, went, with a large fleet, to avenge his vassal on the sons of Ua Domnaill and Niall Ua Domnaill junior was slain by him in a naval engagement on Finn-Loch.


Great war arose between Niall Ua Neill and Domnaill Ua Neill in that year.


Donnchadh Ua Birn, chief of Tir-Briuin, died.


Brian, son of Aedh Ua Neill the Tawny, one fit to be a king of Ireland for nobleness, for generosity and for distinguished prowess, died in that year.


Bishop Odo Ua Neill, namely, bishop of Oirghialla, a pious, generous sage, rested in Christ (on the 6th of the Kalends of August July 27), after gaining victory from world and from demon.


Richard Ua Raighillaigh, that is, bishop


of the Breifni, rested in Christ.


The archdeacon of the Breifni died likewise; namely, William, the archdeacon, a felicitous sage, and so on.


Brian, son of Muircertach Ua Concobuir, a good son of a king, died.


John, son of Edmond, son of Hubert, died.


Raghnall O'hAinlidhe and Cormac O'hAinlidhe died of the King's Game.


Aedh O'Birn died of the same plague.


John Mac Aedhagain and Gilbert O'Bardain, two noble, athletic youths, of Conmaicni, died in this, year.


Mael-Sechlainn Mag Mathgamna, one fit to be king of Oirgialla, died.


Great defeat was inflicted by the king of Thomond, namely, by Brian Ua Briain, wherein were captured the Earl of Desmond, that is, Gerald and the chief Foreigners of Munster likewise. And not often fell in one defeat before such a great tale of persons as fell and as were wounded of Foreigners. Limerick was broken down and quickly burned by the Men of Thomond on that expedition and pledgeship of young hostages of the town was made to Brian and to the Clann-Cuilen likewise. And Sida junior, son of the daughter of Ua Duibidhir, assumed the wardenship of the place. But treachery was practised by the Foreigners of Limerick on the heroic knight. And that was the greatest deed towards the son of a chief that was done in Ireland at the end of the world.


A naval expedition was made by Philip Mag Uidhir, namely, king of Fir-Manach, along with the young sons of kings, to Loch-uachtair and the Rock of


the Loch was captured by them and Philip Ua Raighillaigh was brought thereout and his own kingship was given to Philip Ua Raighillaigh again.


Maurice Ua hEogain, vicar of Inis-cain upon Loch-Erne, died on the 5th of the Ides 9th of November.