Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1363


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 16th of the moon, A.D. 1363-6.


Cathal, son of Aedh the Brefnian, son of Cathal the Red and Maghnus junior, his son and Muircertach Mac Caelridocair and Maurice Ua Maelatuile and Diarmaid Mac Simoin and Diarmaid Mac Gilla-Beraigh were killed in treachery, on the 3rd of the Ides 13th of May, on Srath-Fer-Luirg by the Fir-Manach. And


enormous preys were made on the Clang-Muircertaigh and peace was made by the Fir-Manach with the Muinter-Ruairc and their injuries were mutually forgiven for ill to the Clann-Muircertaigh. And the son of Ruaidhri took the place of Cathal Ua Concobuir that year.

U1363.2 (col. 1)

An incursion was made by the Muinter-Ruairc into the Breifni in the company of the Fir-Manach and a flank attack was made by the younger sons of kings of Cathal Mag Flannchadha, therin.

U1363.2 (col. 2)

Cathal Mag Flannchadha, chief of Dartraighi, was slain by the clan of Muircertach Ua Concobuir on a night attack. The Clann-Muircertaigh and chief of Dartraighi was slain.


Muster was made by Domnall Ua Neill and by the Clann-Domnaill, namely, by Toirdhelbach Mac Domnaill and by Alexander Mac Domnaill to attack Niall Ua Neill. And Mac Cathmail was put from out the country by them and that chief went to join Niall Ua Neill. The rear of the migrating forces was overtaken. And Ragnall, son of Alexander, that is, the heir of the Clann-Alexandair, came from Innsi-Gall about that time to Niall Ua Neill. The kerns of the two parties met with one another, that is, the whole sept of the Clann-Domnaill. And Raghnall sent messengers to where his own kinsman, namely, Toirdelbach and his son, to wit, Alexander, were, and he asked in honour of the seniority and of the brotherhood not to come against him. And no attention was paid to him and respite was not given to him, but they advanced up to the ford whereon they saw Raghnall and they gave


battle to one another. And the son of Raghnall was slain and wounded between them. And Alexander Mac Domnaill was taken prisoner at the same ford. And it was the wish of the people of Raghnall to kill him: but Raghnall did not allow them; for he said that the loss of his son and kinsman should not be upon him. And Mac Cathmail with his horse-host was pressing upon the horsehost of Domnall Ua Neill and O'Neill himself overtook them . . and Domnall took the rear of his own horse-host and brought them safe with him. And many of his people were wounded and killed.


Great war arose between the Foreigners of Connacht and the Clann-Maurice were expelled by Mac William and they went to the Clann-Ricaird and a great hosting was made by Mac William and by Aedh, son of Feidhlimidh, king of Connacht and by the son of Maghnus Ua Conchobuir and by William O'Cellaigh, king of Ui-Maine, into the upper part of Connacht against the Clann-Ricaird. And many of the Momonians rose out with the Clann-Ricaird and they were the greater part of a quarter of a year in leaguer against one another and sway was got by Mac William at the end. The pledges of the Clann-Ricaird were brought by him with him and himself came with spirit and force from that expedition.


Muircertach, son of Raghnall, son of Raghnall Mor Mag Raghnaill, material of an archchief without defect, was killed in treachery by the chief of Muinter-hEoluis, namely, by Mail-Shechlainn Mag Raghnaill, the first Monday after November-Day. And the chief by whom was done the killing, he died himself at the end of two months after that.


Huigin Tyrrell, namely, chief of Fir-Tulach, was slain (that year) by the Clann-Feorais Birmingham and it was without dispute a great Foreign deed.