Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1356


Kalends of Jan. on 3rd feria, 29th of the moon, A.D. 1356-9.


Cormac Mag Carthaigh, king of Desmond, died.


Domnall, son of Tadhg Ua Mathgamna, died.


Aedh son of Concobur Mac Aedhagain, who was to be chief professor of jurisprudence, died


A great defeat (the defeat of Ath-seanaigh) was inflicted by Cathal junior, son of Cathal Ua Concobhuir, near Ath-senaigh on the Conailli: (namely, on John, son of Concobar Ua Domnaill and) John Ua Dochartaigh, chief of Ard-Midhair and Eogan the Connacian and Toirdelbach Mac Suibhne were taken prisoners by the son of Ua Concobuir. Matthew Mag Samradhain, who was to be chief of Tellach-Eachach, was mortally injured that day and died at his own house. The kingship of Tir-Connaill was taken by the son of Ua Concobuir.


Donnchadh Mag Uidhir was killed by the son of Donn (namely, Ardgal junior), son of Flaithbertach Mag Uidhir (and by Art, son of Flaithbertach).


Maghnus Ua Domnaill the Guileful took the kingship of Tir-Conaill this year, but without the title of king being bestowed upon, him.


Cathal the Deaf, son of Cathal Ua Ruairc, was slain in the same war. And he and Mail-Shechlainn Ua Gairmleghaidh fell by one another.


Muircertach, son of Thomas Ua Floinn, who was to be king of Ui-Tuirtri, was slain in treachery by Aedh, son of Brian, son of Aedh Ua Neill the Tawny


Murchadh Mac Mathgamna junior, who was to be king of Corco-Baiscinn, was killed by the Sil-Briain.


Brian Mac Donnchaidh, who was to be king of Ui-Oillella, was killed by Mac Sencha of the septs of O'Gadhra.


Henry, son of Ulick, son of Richard de Burgh, died