Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1352


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 15th of the moon, A.D. 1352-5.


Maurice Fitz Thomas (Earl of Desmond), Justiciary of Ireland, died.


Niall Mag Mathgamma was slain by the sons of John Mag Mathgama.


Domnall, son of John Ua Fergail, chief of Muinter-Anghaile, died.



Concobur Mac ConShnama, bishop of the Breifni from Druim-cliabh to Cenannus, died.


Diarmait O'Mailmiadhaigh, chief of Muinter-Cerballain, was slain by the Muinter-Birn, and many of the Muinter-Eolais were slain along with him.


The Prior of the Trinity, Mac Gall-Gaidhil, died.


Cathal O'Cuinn, chief of Muinter-Gilgain, and five of his kinsmen were slain by the sons of Aedh and the sons of John.


Adug Mac Uidhilin was slain by the Oirthir.


Cormac Mag Raghnaill, chief of Muinter-Eoluis, was slain by the sons of Imar Mag Raghnaill and Conn, son of Tomaltach Mag Ragnaill, was slain there.


Borgaill, daughter of Ua Ferghail, died.

U1352.11 (col.1)

Donnchadh O'Domnaill was slain (namely, by Donn Mac Murchadha, in the fortress of Aedh Mag Uidhir the Red) in carrying the daughter of Mag Uidhir by force with him; that is, (Gormlaith) the daughter of Aedh the Red.

U1352.11 (col.2)

Donnchadh Ua Domnaill was slain in carrying the daughter of Mag Uidhir with him by force; that is, the daughter (namely, Gormlaith) of Aedh Mag Uidhir the Red. And by Donn Mac Murchadha was he killed in the fortress of Mag Uidhir, and so on.


Tadhg Mac Aedhagain died.