Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1346


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 9th of the moon, A.D. 1346-9.


John Mac Domnaill the Black was killed by Maghnus, son of Echaidh Mag Mathgamna.


Gilla-na-naem Ua hUiginn; a poet the readiest, most pure-worded and most general in the arts of poetry that was in Ireland, died a fortnight before Easter, after gaining victory from world and from demon.


Defeat was inflicted by Aedh Ua Ruairc on Flaithbertach Ua Ruairc and on Donnchadh Ua Domnaill and on the Dartraighi and Aedh Mag Fhlannchadha, chief of Dartraighi, was slain along with him, and Gilla-Crist Mag Fhlannchadha and Lachlainn, son of Aindiles Ua Baighill, were slain


there also, and many other persons that are not numbered.


The grandson of the Earl came into Connacht and a prey was seized by him, and Mac William and Mac Feorais overtook him and inflicted enormous defeat on him, and the grandson of the Earl was taken prisoner there, and many of the Clann-Ricaird were taken prisoners or slain there likewise.


Great war arose between Ruaidhri, son of Cathal and Fergal Mac Diarmata, whereupon Mac Diarmata assembled the Foreigners and Gaidhil of all Connacht and the Cenel-Conaill and Clann-Muircertaigh, so that the son of Cathal was forced into Clann-Fermhuighe. And the Foreigners or the Gaidhil could do nothing to him, whence they all turned away from him without pledge or hostage. And he burned and pillaged and harried the greater part of Magh-Luirg after them.


The great plague of the general disease that was throughout Ireland prevailed in Magh-Luirg this year, so that geat destruction of people was inflicted therein. Matthew, son of Cathal Ua Ruairc, died thereof.


Donnchadh Mac Diarmata the Swarthy was taken prisoner by Cormac Diarmata the Deaf and brought with him to Airtech and killed secretly by the people of Airtech.


Richard Ua Raighillaigh, king of East Breifni, died this year.


Gilbert Ua Flannagain, chief of Tuath-Ratha, was killed by the sons of Brian Ua Flannagain.


Muircertach Riaganach Mag Aenghusa was killed by his own kinsmen this year.


Donn Ua Daimin, chief of Tir-Cennfota, died.