Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1344


Kalends of Jan. on 2nd feria, 16th of the moon A.D. 1344-7.


Gilla-na naem Ua Ferghail, chief of Muinter hAnghaile, the person that did most of good deeds for


God and for man, died, after gaining victory from world and from demon. Cathal, son of Murchadh, Ua Ferghail took his place.


Maurice Mac Diarmata, unique choice of the son of a sub-king of Ireland in his own time, was killed by John Mac David de Burgh the Red.


Tadhg Mag Raghnaill, chief of Muinter-Eoluis, was taken prisoner by the Clann-Muircertaigh that year.


William Mac David Bimilis de Burgh was killed by Tadhg the Red, son of Mac Diarmata the Foreigner, in Baile-in-tobair that year.


Fergal Mac Cormaic was killed and it is not known who killed him.


The church of Cell-Ronain was erected by Fergal Ua Duibgennain that year.


Finnguala, daughter of Mac Finghin, wife of Fergal Ua Duibgennain, the woman who was the best that was in Ireland in her own sphere as the the wife of a learned man, died that year.


Thomas Mac Artain (or, Mag Cartain), king of the Ui-nEathach of Ulidia, was hanged by the Foreigners. And there was not a hanging from that of God downwards that was a deed of more pitiable (tale).


Finnghuala, daughter of Mail-Shechlaim Ua Raighillaigh, died.


The Black Gillie Mac Gilla-Cuas died.