Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1337


Kalends of Jan. on 7th feria, 29th of the moon, A.D. 1337-40.


Great levy of war took place between the Ui-Maine, namely, between Tadhg, son of Tadhg Ua Cellaigh and William, son of Donnchadh Ua Ceallaigh the Momonian and Donnchadh son of Aedh Ua Cellaigh, to whom Toirdelbach O'Concobuir gave the governance of Ui-Maine, namely to Tadhg, and between great part of their own tribe likewise, so that they cast William from the country forth. And they all followed him, until William turned upon them and Donnchadh, son of Aedh Ua Cellaigh, was killed and Tadhg O'Cellaigh was taken prisoner and wounded and underwent death of his injuries.


Mael-Sechlainn Ua Gairmleghaidh, chief of Cenel-Moen, died.


An expedition was gone upon by the sons of Ualgharc Ua Ruairc, namely, Domnall and Aedh and Gilla-Crisd and Ruaidhri, on a foray against Cathal, son of Aedh Ua Conchobair the Brefnian and they made an


indisputably enormous foray and killed Concobur, son of Donnchadh the Swarthy and many others. Cathal made good pursuit, whereby much of the prey was wrested and Domnall O'Ruairc, the choicest of the sons of the kings of the Breifni and many of his people along with him were killed and Gilla-Crisd O'Ruairc and Mac ConShnama were captured. Tadhg, son of Ruaidhri Ua Concobuir, who was in custody with O'Ruairc, was left out for the co-liberation of Gilla-Crisd Ua Ruairc.


Aedh, son of Feidhlimidh Ua Concobuir, was taken prisoner by Toirdhelbach O'Conchobuir, namely by the king of Connacht. And war arose through that between O'Conchobuir and Concobur Mac Diarmata, king of Magh-Luirg and much was destroyed between them.


Jordan Mac Goisdelb the Red was killed by Cathal Mac Diarmata the Foreigner.


Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh was taken prisoner by Concobur Mac Diarmata that year.


Cathal Mac Diarmata the Foreigner, the choicest of the sons of the kings of Connacht for spirit and for prowess, for excellence and for felicity and for attack, for defending Airtech and Sliabh-Lugha by virtue of his strong hand, was killed by Donnchadh the Swarthy, son of Mail-Shechlainn Carrach Mac Diarmata, through treachery, at Lis-selbaig in Clann-Conchobuir.


Maghnus, son of Cathal, son of Andrew Ua Conchobair, was killed by Cathal, son of Aedh Ua Conchobair the Brefnian.


Brian Mag Samradhain junior was killed by theTellach-Dunchadha.


Eogan Ua hEighin, king of Ui-Fiachrach-Aidhne, was killed by his own kinsmen.


Eogan, son of Geoffrey Mac Raghnaill and Aedh O'Mailmiadhaigh killed each other.


Adam Mag Teichedhain died.


Philip O'Duibhgennain, a sage without question, died.


Iniug, daughter of Mac


Goisdelb, wife of Eogan Mac Fingin, died.


William, son of Gilbert Mac Goisdelb, was killed on a night-foray in the Breifni by the Tellach-Eachach.


Ruaidhri, son of Maghnus Ua hEaghra, died.


Matthew, son of Annagh Ua Raighillaigh, was killed by Andrew, son of Brian Ua Raighillaigh and great forays were made in the Bolegan during that expedition.