Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1327


Kalends of Jan. on 2nd feria, 9th of the moon, A.D. 1327-30.


Maghnus, son of Aedh Ua Conchobuir the Brefnian, was killed by that same Cathal and Simon Mac an-fhailgidh was killed there likewise, on the same spot.



A camp assault was delivered by Toirdhelbach O'Concobuir on Walter Mac William de Burgh and Toirdhelbach routed him throughout Magh-Luirg. Gilbert Mac Goisdelb came with a large force to aid Mac William. Those hosts turned, side by side, on O'Conchobuir, until they reached the ford of Desert-Nuadhat. A few of the force of Ua Conchobuir were killed there and O'Conchobhuir went from the ford spiritedly, orderly into the Territories and camp was taken by Mac William in Cell-Lomat. Peace, honorable and cordial, was made by O'Conchobuir and by Mac Diarmata.


Mael-Sechlainn Mac Carmaic, a general entertainer, died.


Mael-Isu Mac Aedhagain the Brown, died.


A hosting by Ualgharc O'Ruairc, king of Breifni, to Fidh-in-atha. The Foreigners of the town arose against them, so that Art O'Ruairc, material of a king of Breifni and many others were killed there.


Benedict O'Flannagain, prior of Cell-mor of Tir-Driuin, rested in Christ.


Gilla-Isu Ua Raighillaigh, king of Muinter-Mailmordha and of all the Breifni for a long time, died a prosperous senior, after gaining victory from world and from demon.


Great defeat was inflicted by Concobur, son of Tadhg, son of Brian, son of Andrew, son of Brian Ua Conchobair of Luighni, on the Dartraighi, so that many of them were killed by him.


(Or perhaps it is on this Kalend year it were right for the death of Maeileachlainn Ua Raighillaigh to be, on the festival of the Nativity of the Lord, namely, A.D. 1327.)