Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1325


Kalends of Jan. on 6th feria, 16th of the moon, A.D. 1325-8.


Mael-Sechlainn O'Raighillaigh, king of Muinter-Mailmordha, was taken prisoner and injured by the Foreigners of Meath. And he was liberated for hostages and died in his own house of his wounds.


Brian son of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh, was killed by Brian, son of Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh.


Excessive thunder and lightning in that year, so that they injured the fruit and crops of Ireland, until they were quite withered.


A plague of general disease throughout all Ireland, which was called a Cold: for the space of three days or four it continued on each person, so that he was nigh unto death.


Gilla-na-naingel O'Taichligh, herenagh of Daiminis, died.


Imar Mag Raghnaill, chief of Muinter-Eoluis,was slain.


Sir John Mac Feorais Birmingham, Earl of Lughbaidh, the one Gaidhel the most spirited and best of generosity and prowess that was in Ireland,


was killed by his own people practising treachery upon him. Many of the foreigners and of the Gaidhil were killed in the same place likewise. The Blind Mac Cerbail, namely, Maelruanaigh, the most choice timpanist of Ireland and of Scotland and of the whole world—and it is not verified that an equal to him in that art ever came from the beginning of the world—was killed, and another good brother of his was killed on the same spot.


Maurice O'Gibillain, arch-master of Ireland in new jurisprudence and in old jurisprudence, i.e. in the Canon and in the Civil Law, one eminent in wisdom and knowledge, professor of poetry and Ogmic and many other arts, canon chorister in Tuaim-da-ghualann and in Oil-finn and in Achad-Conaire and in Cell-aladh and in Enach-duin and in Cluian-ferta; Official and general judge of the archbishopric, rested in Christ.


Thomas O'Mellaigh, bishop of Enach-duin, died in the court of the Pope.


Tadhg, son of Toirdelbach Ua Concobuir, was slain by Diarmait O'Gadhra in treachery.


A great meeting between Walter de Burgh and Gilbert Mac Goisdelbh of the one side and Maelruanaigh Mac Diarmata and Tomaltach, his son and Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh and the Muinter-Mailruanaigh besides of the other side, near the Ford of the Head of Loch-Teiched.


Defeat was inflicted on Mac William, wherein was killed Brian, son of Tadhg Mac Donnchaidh by his own kinsman, in revenge of Brian, son of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh, whom the same man killed.


A great hosting by the Earl of Ulster and by Toirdhelbach O'Concobuir, king of Connacht and by Muircertach O'Briain, king of Munster, against Brian Ua


Briain the Fair. Defeat was inflicted upon them by Brian O'Briain, wherein was killed Concobur O'Briain, well worthy to be king of Ireland for figure and bestowal, together with four score, both noble and base.


Aine, daughter of Ferghal Ua Raighillaigh, wife of Tomaltach Mac Diarmata, died.


Donnchadh the Foreigner, son of Domnall Ua Concobuir, was killed by Aedh, son of Tadhg, son of Maghnus Ua Conchobair.