Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1305


Kalends of Jan. on 4th feria, 16th of the moon, A.D. 1305-9.


Aedh, son of Eogan, son of Ruaidhri, son of Aedh, son of Cathal Red-hand, son of Toirdelbach Ua Concobuir the Great, king of Connacht and one worthy to be arch-king of Ireland and the one Gaidhel that was best of prowess and hospitality; that was greatest and best of figure that came from Brian Boruma downwards, was killed by Aedh the Brefnian, son of Cathal Ua Conchobuir, (and 'the Chafer' Ua Sochlacain, namely, a boorish tanner, it was that stretched out a hand towards him to kill him with a hatchet) in Coill-in-clachain. And many of the nobles of his people were slain likewise. And these are the nobles: to wit, Concobur Mac Diarmata and Diarmait the Red, son of Tadhg Ua Concobuir and Diarmait, son of Cathal Carrach Mac Diarmata and Aedh, son of Muircertach, son of Tadhg, son of Mailruanaigh Ua Conchobair. Diarmait O'hEilidhe, a chieftain-yeoman that was the best in his own time and Gilla-na-naem Mac Aedhugain, ollam of Connacht and of Ireland and accomplished sage in every science, fell by the eastern


people on the same day and Faghartach O'Doibhilen by the household people of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh.


A foray was made by Aedh, son of Cathal Ua Concobuir, on Maurice Mac Donnchaidh and Maurice himself was taken prisoner.


Cathal, son of the Liathanach Grey-Ua Conchobair, abbot of the Trinity Island, Loch Ce, was chosen to the bishopric of Oil-finn.


William de Burgh came to Oil-finn after Aedh Ua Concobuir was killed in Connacht and the Sil-Muiredhaigh gave lordship to Ruaidhri the son of Cathal Ua Concobuir.


Ruaidhri, son of Cathal and O'Flainn went on the Plain of Connacht and the son of Mac Feorais Birmingham was killed by them.


A meeting was held between William de Burgh and by the Connachtmen on the one side with Ruaidhri son of Cathal, on the other near Ath-slissen. The meeting was broken up between them and defeat inflicted on the son of Cathal there. Some of his people were killed. William de Burgh then went to the Monastery of the Buill and the Clann-Muircertaigh came into Tir-Oilella. Much corn was burned and much destroyed by them. Mac William came down past Corr-sliabh. The son of Cathal was put out of his stronghold by him and Domnall O'Finachta and other persons were killed by the van of the host of Mac William.


A foray by Mac William in Clann-Fermuighe.


Another foray by him to Benn-Gulbain and farther downwards.


Concobur, son of Brian Ua Briain the Red, was killed.