Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1302


Kalends of Jan. on 7th feria, 13th of the moon, A.D. 1302-6.


Toirdhelbach Ua Briain, king of Thomond, the one person the most distinguished and best in victory and prowess, a man full of charity and piety and of most prosperity that was in Ireland in his own time, rested in Christ. Donnchadh Ua Briain, his son, became king in his stead.


Ferghal Mag Raghnaill, chief of Muinnter Eolais, was killed by his own brothers and by a part of his sept, in treachery.


Great war took place between Aedh, son of Eogan Ua Concobuir, king of Connacht and the nobles of Sil-Muiredhaigh with him and Aedh, son of Cathal Ua Concobuir and many of the sons of the chiefs of Connacht together with the chiefs and septs of Breifni also, along the Shannon for the space of three months or more, until a party of the sons of kings on the side of Aedh, son of Cathal, made an encampment in 'The Territories' with a strong force, so that they took many preys and spoils. Flann, son of Fiachra Ua Floinn, future chief of Sil-Mailruanaigh and Brian, son of Donnchadh Ua Conchobair the Swarthy, along with many other persons, were killed in the rere of that prey by the pursuing party. Much of the preys was held fast and another part was wrested. These indeed are the best that were there: Ruaidhri, son of Cathal Ua Concobuir and Donnchadh, son of Concobur 'of the Goblet', son of Fergal, son of Donnchadh, son of Muircertach Mac Diarmata, one fit to be king of Sil-Mailruanaigh for felicity, for generosity, for prowess up to that day. This is what Donnchadh did he went forward to the stronghold of Ua Conchobuir and burned the palace of the kings of Connacht, along with the houses of the stronghold. Aedh Ua Concobuir overtakes him and wrests the prey from him and he is killed after.


Donnchadh Ua Flaithbertaigh, bishop of Cell-aladh, most eminent of the Gaidhil for liberality and piety, died in Dun-buinne, in the end of Spring before


that, in going to Ath-cliath. And he was buried honourably in the Muillen-cerr Mullingar, in the house of Mary.


Master Thomas O'Naan, archdeacon of Rath-both and bishop-elect of the same church, rested in Christ.


Robert Bruce, Great Steward, took the kingship of Scotland by force against the king of the Saxons.


Domnall O'Neill of Tuirtre was killed by accident by the household of Ua Neill.


Sir William Prendergast, a young knight of the best repute and liberality and disposition that was in Ireland in his own time, died.


A great foray was made by the Clann-Muircertaigh into the country of Cairpre, wherein were killed David Ua Caemain, a large, substantial yeoman and Donnchadh Mag Buidhechain and many other persons.


Brian Carrach O'Eaghra killed Ua Flannagain.


Peter O'Tuathalain, vicar of Cell-espuic-Broin, rested in Christ.


Nicholas Ua Donnchadha, a young priest that was in Druim-cliabh, was killed by the 'Black Horse' of the Barrets, without guilt, without reason, except to inflict a violent death upon him. And every one that shall say a Pater for the good of his soul, there are six score days of indulgence for him, as often as it is said by him.


(Or it may be on this year the death of Donn Mag Uider should be.)