Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1287


Kalends of Jan. (on 2nd feria, 27th of the moon,) A.D. 1287-91.


Toirdhelbach, son of Eogan Ua Concobuir, the person who was greatest and handsomest and who was best of hospitality and prowess and triumph that was in Ireland, was killed by Niall Ua Concobuir the Tawny.


A host was led by Richard de Burgh namely by the Earl of Ulster (that is, the Red Earl) into Tir-Eogain, whereby he deposed Domnall, son of Brian Ua Neill and Niall Culanach O'Neill was made king by him. And when the Earl left the country, Niall Culanach was killed by Domnall Ua Neill. And the son of Aedh Ua Neill the Tawny (namely, Brian, son of Aedh the Tawny) was made king, with assent of the same Earl, by Mac Martin and by Mac Eoin. And Domnall left the country.


A host was led by the Earl into Tir-Conaill against Toirdbelbach Ua Domnaill, so that he harried the country, both church and territory. And he came into Connacht to Oil-finn and the Connachtmen gave deceptive pledges to him.



Concobur Ua Dubhda, king of Ui-Fiachrach, was drowned in the Shannon.


A general muster was made by Cathal Ua Concobuir and by Niall the Tawny and by all the folk that they had capable of rising out, both Foreigners and Gaidhil, to depose Maghnus. And they gave battle in Caradh-Culainn (otherwise, Caradh-Chulmaile) and Cathal was injured therein and Murchadh, son of Tadhg Ua Conchobuir and other persons were killed there. And many horses were taken from the people of Maghnus and defeat was inflicted upon himself and he went therefrom secretly. And many preys were made by the people of Cathal Ua Conchobuir and by Niall the Tawny in revenge for the wounding of Cathal in Cairpre. And Maghnus O'Concobhair, when the Sil-Muiredaigh came to him and when his own retinue and the Foreigners of Ros-Comain came to his aid on the morrow after the defeat, he went to the rescue of the preys. On his overtaking them at Srath-in-fherainn and close by the Aenach, all the prey was taken from them and Niall himself escaped with difficulty therefrom. And Thomas Mac Goistelb was killed there and his kinsman, David Mac Goistelb, was captured there and much more of that host, both Foreigners and Gaidhil, was killed there. And Niall came, on peace being made, into the country and his own land was given to him. Great recrimination and contention however happened between them: the direction of the country was assumed by Niall; a great foray was made by Maghnus on Niall and he was completely despoiled by him.


Aedh Ua Fallamhain rested in Christ.


Conghalach Mag Eochagain, chief of Cenel-Fiachaidh, died.


(Brian O'Flainn, king of Ui-Tuirtri, was slain.


Toirdhealbach Ua Domnaill was deposed by his own kinsman,


namely, by Aedh Ua Domnaill and the kingship was taken by himself again.


Aedru Magrath, abbot of the Trinity in lit. on Loch-Che, rested in Christ.)