Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annala Uladh: Annals of Ulster otherwise Annala Senait, Annals of Senat (Author: [unknown])

Year U1257


Kalends of Jan. (on 2nd feria, 12th of the moon,) A.D. 1257.

U1257.1(col. 1)

Maurice Fitz Gerald rested in Christ.

U1257.2(col. 1)

The Castle of Narrow-Water was levelled by Geoffrey O'Domnaill and he and the Cenel-Conaill came therefrom on the morrow, to attack Sligech. And he met with the Foreigners of the town and


inflicted defeat upon them at Credran-cille, in Roscheidi in the country of Cairpre. And O'Domnaill was wounded there and had his wounds not taken hold of him, there would have been defeat inflicted upon them to the river Muaidh. And Sligech was burned by them and pillaged. (And Mac Grifin, namely, a good knight, was taken prisoner there.)

U1257.3(col. 1)

Conchobur, son of Tigernan (Ua Ruairc) was killed by the Muinnter-Raighillaigh).

U1257.4(col. 1)

O'Briain gave a great defeat tot he Foreigners in this year.

U1257.1(col. 2)

John Bisset, destroyer of churches and of Gaidhil, perished by the sudden death.

U1257.2(col. 2)

Maurice Fitz Gerald, Justiciary of Ireland for a time, dissolver of the Gaidhil and of the churches of Ireland, died.

U1257.3(col. 2)

A courageous encounter was fought by Geoffrey Ua Domnaill, king of Tir-Conaill and the Foreigners of Connacht, (namely, in Credran-cilli, in Ros-cheidi, in the territory of Cairpre). And defeat was inflicted upon the Foreigners and three score, or something more, were killed of the Foreigners. And O'Domnaill was wounded there and Donnchadh, son of Cormac Ua Domnaill, tower of hospitality and valour of Tir-Conaill, was wounded there and he died thereof.

U1257.4(col. 2)

The castle of Narrow-Water was levelled by Geoffrey Ua Domnaill.

U1257.5(col. 2)

Conchobar, son of Tigernan, was killed by the Muinnter-Raghallaigh.

U1257.6(col. 2)

Ua Briain gave a great defeat to the Foreigners in this year.


(Cathal, son of Aedh, son of Cathal Red-hand, was blinded by Aedh O'Conchubair and Cathal O'Concubair the Long-haired, was blinded along with him.


Abraham Ua Conallan went to Rome after his election to the archbishopric of Ard-Macha.


Macrobius, abbot of Cluain-Eois, died.


Mael-Muire Mac Murchaidh, chief of Muinnter-Birn, was killed, namely, by his own kinsman, at Cell-issel.)