Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1199


[A.M.] 5403.) Kalends of Jan. on 6th feria, 1st of the moon, A.D. 1199.


Ruaidhri Ua Concobair (that is, son of Toirrdhealbhach Ua Conchubair), king of Ireland, rested in penance.


Cathalan Ua Maelfhabaill, king of Carraic-Brachaidhe, was killed by O'Derain and O'Derain was killed at the same time.


A hosting by Jobn De-Courcy into Tir-Eogain throughout the churches: namely, Ard-sratha and Rath-both were destroyed by him, until he reached Daire, so that he was there two nights over a week, destroying Inis-Eogain and the country besides. And he would not have gone therefrom for a long time, had not [lit. until] Aedh Ua Neill, [with] a force of five ships, reached Cell [ruadh?] in Latharna, so that he burned a part of the town and killed twenty, wanting two, therein. Then the Foreigners of Magh-Line and Dal-Araidhe were, three hundred [strong], both in mail and without mail, in front of him and they [the Irish] noticed not, until [the Foreigners] poured against them, burning the town. Thereupon they gave battle in the centre of the town and it went against the Foreigners. And [the Irish] gave five defeats to them thenceforward, until they went into their ships and only five of the people of Ua Neill were lost. Thereafter John went away, when he heard that.


Great war between [Cenel-]Cona[i]ll and [Cenel-]Eoga[i]n, so that Cenel-Conaill gave the king ship to Ua Eicnigh. Then he came to meet them to the Termonn of [St.] Dabeoc. Ua Neill with the Men of


Magh-Itha came against him, to prevent him, so that each of them saw the other. And Ua Eicnigh was defeated and left pledges. From here Aedh Ua Neill and the Cenel-Eogain [went] on the same day, until they harried Cenel-Conaill around the Plain of Magh-Itha and took countless cattle-spoil away with them. And it is on that foray Niall Ua Duibhdirma was killed on a surprise party. After that, a hosting [was made] by Aedh Ua Neill and by the Cenel-Eogain to the Plain of Magh-Itha, to give battle to the Cenel-Conaill, so that the Cenel-Conaill abandoned the camp and they made a kind of peace then.


(Peace was made between Cathal Red-Hand Ua Conchubair with Cathal Carrach, son of Conchubar Maenmaighe and [Cathal] was brought into the country and land given to him.)