Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1197


Kalends of Jan. on 4th feria, 9th of the moon, A.D. 1197.


A hosting by John De-Courcy with the Foreigners of Ulidia to Ess-craibhe, so that they built the castle of Cell-Santain [and] the cantred of Ciannachta was desolated by them. Moreover, in that castle was left Roitsel Fitton [and] a force along with him. Then Roitsel Fitton came on a foray to the Port of Daire, so that he pillaged Cluain-i and Enach and Derc-bruach. But Flaithbertach Ua Maeldoraidh (namely, king of [Cenel-]Cona[i]ll and Cenel-Eoga[i]n) overtook them with a small force of the [Cenel-]Cona[i]ll and the [Cenel-]Eoga[i]n, so that he inflicted defeat upon them on the strand of the [N]uathcongbhail [and] they were


slaughtered to a large number (namely, around the son of Ardgal Ua Lochlainn), through miracle of Colum-cille and Cainnech and Brecan [whose churches] they pillaged there.


Mac Gilla-Eidich of the Ciannachta robbed the great altar of the great church of Daire of Columcille and took the four [five] best goblets that were in Ireland therefrom, including ‘the gray son’ and ‘the son of light’ and the goblet of Ua Maeldoraidh and ‘the twisted goblet’ and the goblet of Ua Dochartaich. Moreover, he broke off and took away from them their jewels and their setting. But, on the third day after their being stolen, the treasures and he who stole them were found out. And he was hanged (namely, at the Cross of the Executions) in reparation to Colum-cille, whose altar was profaned there.


Conchobur Ua Catha[i]n died.


Flaithbertach Ua Maeldoraidh, that is, king of [Cenell-Cona[i]ll and [Cenell-Eoga[i]n and Airgialla, defender of Temhair and royal heir of all Ireland: namely, Conall for championship, Cu-Culainn for prowess, Guaire for generosity, Mac Lughach for athletics, died after choice tribulation in Inis-Saimer, on the 4th of the Nones [2nd] of February, in the thirtieth year of his lordship and in the ninth and fiftieth year of his age. And he was buried honourably in Druim-tuamha. And Echmarcach Ua Dochartaich takes the kingship of Cenel-Conaill immediately. And he was but a fortnight in the kingship, when John De-Courcy came with a large


force under him past Tuaim into Tir-Eogain. From here to Ard-sratha; after that, around to Daire of Colum-cille, so that they were five nights therein. They go then to Cnoc-Nascain, to be carried across it [Lough Swilly]. But the Cenel-Conaill, under Echmarcach Ua Dochartaigh, come to attack them and gave them battle, where two hundred of them [the Irish] were killed, around their king, that is, Echmarcach and around Donnchadh Ua Taircert, namely, royal chief of Clann-Sneidhghile, to wit, the link of generosity and valour and counsel of all Cenel-Conaill and around Gilla-Brighti Ua Dochartaigh and around Mac Dubha[i]n and Mac Ferghail and the sons of Ua Baighill and other nobles. And they [the English] harried Inis-Eogain and carried great cattle-spoil therefrom.


Concobar, grandson of Tadhg [Ua Maelruanaigh], king of Magh-Luirg and Magh-Ai, tower of splendour and principality, of generosity and protection of all Connacht, died after choice penance in the Monastery of Ath-da-laarc.


Ma[c] Craith Ua [F]laithbertaigh, son of the king of Tir Eogain, was killed and Maelruanaigh O Fercomais (or O'Cairellain), arch-chief of Clann-Diarmata, was killed and two good horsemen of his people were killed.