Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1188


Kalends of Jan. on 6th feria, 29th of the moon, A.D. 1188.


Ruaidhri Ua Cananna[i]n, king of Cenel-Conaill for a time and royal heir of Ireland, was killed by Flaithbertach Ua Maeldoraidh through treachery, at the Bridge of Slicech, after decoying him out from the centre of Druim-cliabh. And a brother of his was killed along with him and a party of his people. Ua Gairb (namely, Maghnus), chief of Fir-Droma, who laid [violent] hands on Ua Cananna[i]n, was killed by the people of Echmarcach Ua Dochartaigh in revenge of Ua Cananna[i]n.


Domnall Ua Cananna[i]n laid open his foot with his own axe, whilst cutting a faggot of firewood in Daire and he died thereof, by miracle of Coluim-cille.


Martin Ua Brolaigh, arch-sage of all the Goeidhil and arch-lector of Ard-Machn, died.


Amhlaim Ua Daighri came to I[ona] on his pilgrimage and he died in I[ona] after choice penance.


The Foreigners of the castle of Magh-Coba and a party of the Ui-Echach of Ulidia came on a foray into Tir-Eogain, until they reached to Leim-mic-Neill and seized cows there. And Domnall Ua Lochlainn went against them with a force of his own party, until he overtook them at Cabhan of the High Trees. They gave them battle and it went against the Foreigners and slaughter of them was inflicted. And a thrust of a foreign spear was given to the king alone, so that he fell there in the conflict that is, Domnall, son of Aedh Ua Lochlainn, king of Ailech and [worthy to be] royal heir of Ireland for form and for sense and for excellence and for prudence. And he was carried that very day to Ard-Macha and buried there honourably.


A hosting by John De-Courcy and by the Foreigners of all Ireland into Connacht, along with Concobur


Ua Diarmata. Concobar Maenmhaighi (namely, king of Connacht) musters the Connachtmen and Domnall Ua Briain, king of Munster, comes with a party of the Men of Munster into the force of the king of Connacht. And they burn some of the churches of the country on their march and some they allowed to escape them [intact]. Howbeit, the Foreigners turn back to Ess-dara to come into Tir-Conaill. But, when they heard that the Cenel-Conaill and Ua Maeldoraidh were at Druim-cliabh, they burned Ess-dara completely and turn again into Connacht and come into the Seghdais. And the Connachtmen and Men of Munster deliver an attack upon them and the Foreigners are killed with slaughter and leave the country by force without a whit of triumph.


Etain, daughter of Ua Cuinn, queen of Munster, who was on her pilgrimage at Daire, died after victory over the world and over the demon.


(Muircertach Ua Concheanainn, son of Uathu, king of Ui-Diarmata, died.


Domnall, son of Lochlann Ua Maeilruanaidh and Fearghal Ua Taidhg ‘of the [hospitable] household’ and Flaithbertach, Ua Finnachta, son of Riucc, were slain.


Muircertach Ua Brain, king of Breghmhuine, was slain.


Ua Mailruanaidh was slain, A.D. 1188.)