Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1179


Kalends of Jan. on 2nd feria, 20th of the moon, A.D. 1179. Namely, the 2nd of the Decemnovennal [Cycle], the 3rd year above a Bissextile.


Peace was made by Donnchadh Ua Cairella[i]n and by all Clann-Diarmata with the Cenel-Moien and Ua Galmredhaigh: namely, with Amlaim, son of Menman, that is the brother of the wife of Donnchadh Ua Cairilla[i]n, in the centre of the church of Ard-sratha, upon the relics of Domnach-mor and of the Ernaidhe and of Ard-sratha. Thereupon Ua Gailmredhaigh came on the morrow, to receive additional sureties, to the house of Donnchadh Ua Cairilla[i]n. Inhospitable treachery was committed in the midst of the assembly, at the door of the house of Ua Cairilla[i]n, in the presence of his [Amlaim's] own sister, namely, the wife of Donnchadh: that is, three of his [Amlaim's] people were killed along with himself, namely, Cinaeth (that is, a full Biatach), son of Art Ua Braca[i]n and the son of Gilla-Crist, son of Cormac Mac Reodain, to wit, the very foster-brother to Donnchadh Ua Cairella[i]n.


Ard-Macha was burned for the greater part: that is, all the houses of Canons Regular and all the churches that were in it, all were burned, save the house of the Canons Regular of Brigit and the church of the Relics.


Ua Ruadhacain, king of Ui-Echach, died after three nights' illness, after his expulsion and after his profanation of the Canon of Patrick a short time before.


The churches of Tir-Eogain from the mountain southwards were desolated through war and through dearth in that year.


Gilla-Domnaigh Ua Faranna[i]n, herenagh of


Ard-sratha and Mael-Muire, son of Gilla-Cumain, vice-abbot of the same place, rested in Christ.


Colman Ua Scanla[i]n, herenagh of Cluain[-Umha], died.


Cluane and Ard-sratha and Domnach-mor and the Ernaidhe were desolated by the Men of Magh-Itha.


Noenenach Ua Touaid, son of the Lector, chief of the Clann-Finghin and their herenagh besides and their counsellor, died.


(Raghnall, son of Mac Raghnaill, chief of Muinnter- Eolais, was slain.


Tuathal Ua Connachtaigh, bishop of Tir-Briuin [Enaghdune], rested.


‘The snow of the destruction’ [fell] this year).