Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1178


Kalends of Jan. on 1st feria, 9th of the moon, A.D. 1178. Namely, the 1st year of the Decemnovennal [Cycle].


Conchobur, son of Conallach Ua Luinigh, took the chieftaincy of Cenel-Maien and Domnall, son of Domnall Ua Gailmredhaigh, was expelled from Magh-Itha into Inis-Eogain, to Donnchadh Ua Duibdirma. The Cenel-Maien, however, in the same year, namely, before the end of one quarter, deposed the son of Conallach and gave the chieftaincy to Domnall, son of Domnall.


The people of Domnall Ua Gailmredhaigh, that is, the son of ‘the blind gillie’ Ua Eiderla and Ua [F]lannacain, killed the son of Conallach Ua Luinigh in the centre of the house of Domnall Ua Gailmredhaigh, in treachery and the herenagh of the Ernaidhe [was] with him, protecting him. However, Domnall Ua Gailmredhaigh was deposed and Cenel-Maien gave the chieftainship to Ruaidhri Ua [F]laithbertaigh. Nevertheless, a treacherous attack was made by the three sons of Ua [F]laithbertagh and the Clann-Domnall also upon the Cenel-Moien. Howbeit, Domnall, son of Domnall Ua Gailmredhaigh, was killed in that same [attack] and Tighernan, son of Raghnall, son of Domnall [was killed] and eight full biatachs of the nobles of Cenel-Moien along with them [were killed].



Raghnall, son of Echmarcach Ua Catha[i]n, was killed by the Cenel-Maien in the beginning of that summer. So, in revenge of that, fell Galach Ua Luinigh and Muircertach Ua Peatain and it is in revenge of it the treacherous attack of the sons of Domnall was made upon the Cenel-Moien.


It is in that year also there came a wonderful, violent wind which prostrated a very large portion of woods and forests and very great oaks full flat on the ground. It prostrated also six score oaks, or a little more, in Daire of Colum-cille.


It is in that year likewise went John [De Courcy], with his knights, pillaging from Dun to the Plain of Conaille, so that they took many preys therein and were a night in camp in Glenn-righi. Howbeit, Murchadh Ua Cerbaill, king of Airgialla, and Mac Duinnsleibhe [Ua Eochadha], king of Ulidia, with the Ulidians came up with them that night and made an onset upon them. Thereupon defeat was inflicted upon the Foreigners and stark slaughter was put upon them. The same John, notwithstanding, went for preys into Dal-Araidhe and into Ui-Tuirtri. But Cu-Midhe Ua Flainn, king of Ui-Tuirtri and Fir-Li, made an onset upon theme. That battle also went against the Foreigners and slaughter of them was inflicted.


(The attack of Cualnge [was gained] by Ulidians and by Foreigners over John De Courcy.


Gilla-Crist Ua hEodhaigh, bishop of Conmaicni [Ardagh], rested.


Amhlaibh Ua Domnalla[i]n, ollam of Connacht, rested.)