Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1176


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 16th of the moon, A.D. 1176.


The Saxons were expelled by Domnall Ua Briain from Limerick, by a leaguer being made against them.


Bean-Midhe, daughter of Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, wife of Cu-maighi Ua Flainn, queen of Ui-Tuirtri and Fir-Li, died.


The daughter of Ruaidhri Ua Conchobair, wife of [F]laithbertach Ua Maeldoraidh, was killed by the sons of Ua Cairella[i]n.


Fabor and Cenannus were wasted by the Foreigners and by the Ui-Briuin.


Niall, son of Mac Lochlainn, was killed by Muinnter-Branain.


Lughmadh was wasted by the Saxons.


A castle of the Foreigners


was a-building at Cenannus.


The Saxon Earl [Strongbow] died in Ath-cliath of an ulcer he got on his foot, through the miracles of Brigit and Colum-cille and the saints besides, whose churches he destroyed.


The castle of Slane, wherein was Ricard Fleming with his host, wherefrom the Airgialla and Ui-Briuin and Fir-Midhe were being pillaged, was destroyed by Mael-Sechlainn, son of Mac Lochlainn, king of Cenel-Eogain and by the Cenel-Eogain themselves and by the Airgialla; where were killed one hundred or more of the Foreigners, besides women and children and the horses of the castle that were killed, so that no person escaped alive out of the castle. And three castles in Meath were razed on the morrow for fear of the Cenel-Eogain, namely, the castle of Cenannus and the castle of Calatruim and the castle of Daire of [St.] Patrick.


Cu-maighi Ua Flainn, king of Ui-Tuirtri and Fir-Li and Dal-Araidhe, was killed by Cu-Midhe, his own brother and by the Fir-Li.


(Diarmoid, son of Cormac Mac Carrthaigh, king of Desmond, was taken prisoner by his own son, that is, by Cormac the Gray.)