Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1173


Kalends of Jan. on 2nd feria, 13th of the moon, A.D. 1173.


Cinaeth Ua Rona[i]n, bishop of Glenn-da-locha, rested.


Muiredhach Ua Cobhthaigh, bishop of Cenel-Eogain and of all the North of Ireland, the son of chastity and the precious stone and the gem of purity and the shining star and the preserving casket of wisdom and the fruitful branch of the Canon and the fount of charity and meekness and kindliness and the dove for purity of heart and the turtle for innocence and the saint of God among men, after ordaining priests and deacons and persons of every [church-]grade besides,—namely, seventy priests and after renovating many churches and after consecrating churches and cemeteries and after building many monasteries and regular churches and [performing] every ecclesiastical work besides and after bestowal of food and clothing to the poor, after victory and piety and penance and pilgrimage, he sent forth his spirit unto heaven in the Penitentiary of Colum-cille in Daire, on the 4th of the Ides [10th] of February, on the 6th feria. Now, a great marvel was wrought on the night he died,—the night was illuminated from Nocturn to the call of the


cock and the whole world [was] a-blaze and a large mass of fire arose over the place and went south-east and every one arose, it seemed to them it was the day. And it was like that by the sea on the east.


Etru Ua Miadhachain, bishop of Cluain[-a(i)rard], rested in good old age.


Great foray by Aedh Mac Oenghusa and by the Clann-Aedha, so that they pillaged the Great Third (in Ard-Macha). And that man was killed before three months; after the pillaging of Ard-Macha by him.


(Domnall Ua Mael-[Sh]echlainn the Bregian, king of Meath, died.


Mael-Mochta Ua Fiadhra (or Ua Mael- [Sh]echlainn), abbot of Cluain-mac-Nois, rested.


Mael-Isu Mac-in-Baird, bishop of Cluain-ferta of [St.] Brenann, rested.


Imar son [of Mac] Cargamna [chief of Muinnter- Mail-Shinna, dies].)