Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1166


Kalends of Jan. on 7th feria, 26th of the moon, A.D. 1166.


Domnall Mac Gilla-Mocholmoic was killed by the Lagenians themselves.


Cucuach Mac Gilla-espuic was killed by Donnsleibhe, grandson of Eochaidh [Ua Eochadha].


Aedh Ua Maelfabhaill, king of Carraic-Bracaidhe, was killed by Muircertach Ua Lochlainn in treachery.


Ard-Macha was burned the day of the feast of [St.] Senan and Wednesday in the incidence of the day of


the week and the 8th lunar day in the incidence of the age of the moon: that is, from the Cross of Colum-cille, the two streets to the Cross of Bishop Eogan and from the Cross of Bishop Eogan one of the two streets, up to the Cross of the door of the Close and all the Close with its churches—except the monastery of [SS.] Paul and Peter and a few of the houses besides—and a street towards the Close to the west,—namely, from the Cross of [St.] Sechnall to the Crosses of [St.] Brigit [was burned], except a little.


Cenannus and Lughmagh and Inis-cain of [St.] Daig and many other churches were burned.


Daire of Colum-cille was burned for the greater part and the Penitentiary was burned,—a thing unheard of from ancient times.


And Ard-bo was burned by Ruaidhri, son of Mac Canai and by the son of Gilla-Muire Ua Monrai and by the Crotraighi.


Eochaidh Mac Duinnsleibhe [Ua Eochadha] was blinded by Muircertach Ua Lochlainn, in violation of the protection of the successor of Patrick and of the Staff of Jesus and of Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, namely, the arch-king of Airgialla.


A hosting by Ruaidhri Ua Concobair into Meath, so that he received the pledges of the Men of Meath. From this, [he marches] to Ath-cliath, so that he received the pledges of the Foreigners and of Mac Murchadha and of all Leinster. From this, to Drochait-atha, to the Airgialla, so that Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, king of Airgialla, came into his house and gave pledges to him. And he went safe to his house after that, after expelling Diarmait Mac Murchadha, king of Leinster, over sea.


A hosting by Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, with the Airghialla


and with the Ui-Briuin and the Conmaicni, into Tir-Eogain, to attack Ua Lochlainn, by direction of the Cenel-Eogain themselves, in consequence of Ua Lochlainn, arch-king of Ireland, being abandoned by them. So that [Ua Lochlainn] came, with a small party of the Cenel-Eogain of Telach-og, to deliver an assault upon them at Fidh-O-nEchtach. And even those very men, they abandoned him. So there fell in that place Muircertach (son of Niall) Ua Lachlainn, arch-king of Ireland. And he was the Augustus of all the North-West of Europe for valour and championship. And a few of Cenel-Eogain were killed there, namely, thirteen men. A great marvel and wonderful deed was done then: to wit, the king of Ireland to fall without battle, without contest, after his dishonouring the successor of Patrick and the Staff of Jesus and the successor of Colum-cille and the Gospel of Martin and many clergy besides [by blinding Mac Duinnsleibhe Ua Eochadha]. Howbeit, his body was carried to Ard-Macha and buried there, in dishonour of the successor of Colum-cille with his Community and Colum-cille himself and the head of the students of Daire fasted regarding it,—for his being carried to [Christian] burial.


Diarmait Mac Murchadha, chief of Muinnter-Birn, was slain by his kinsmen.


A hosting by Ruaidhri Ua Conchobair and by Tigernan Ua Ruairc to Essruadh, so that the Cenel-Conaill came into his house [and] gave their pledges to Ua Conchobair [and] he gave them eight score cows, besides gold and clothing.



(A hosting by Ruaidhri Ua Conchobair and by Diarmait Ua Mail[-Sh]echlainn and by Tigernan Ua Ruairc into Leinster, [and] into Ossory [and] into Munster, so that the kings of all the Half of Mogh came into the house of Ruaidhri Ua Conchobair [and] made him [arch-]king.


Gilla Ma[i]c Aiblen successor of [St.] Brenand of Cluain-fearta, rested.


Toirrdelbach [Ua Briain] reigned again, A.D. 1166.


Or it may be on this year below [next year] the killing of Muircertach [Ua Lochlainn] occurs.)