Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1165


Kalends of Jan. on 6th feria, 15th of the moon, A.D. 1165.


Tairrdelbach Ua Briain was expelled from the kingship of Munster by his son, that is, by Muircertach and he [Muircertach] himself took the kingship after his father.


Domnall Ua Gilla-Patraic, king of the North of Ossory, and Conchobar Ua Broighte, king of Cenn-caille and Paitin Ua Aedha, the candle of all Ui-Ceinnselaigh, were killed by Ma[c] Craith Ua Mordhai and by the Laichsi for evil causes.


War [took place] between the Men of Meath and the Ui-Briuin and it is in that war Sitriuc Ua Ruairc was killed by Ua Ciardhai and by the Cairpri.


The turning of the Ulidians upon Ua Lochlainn [took place] and a foray [was made] by them upon the Ui-Meith, so that they took away many cows and killed a multitude of persons. A foray also [was made] by them upon the eastern Ui-Bresail and another foray upon Dal-riatai.


A hosting by Muircertach Ua Lochlainn, [along with] both [Cenel-] Cona[i]ll and [Cenel-] Eoga[i]n and the Airgialla, into Ulidia, so that they harried all the country, except, the chief churches of the Ulidians and killed a countless


number of them, including Echmarcach, son of Mac Gilla-espuic and including Ua Lomanaigh and they expelled Eochaidh Mac Duinnsleibhe [Ua Eochadha] from Ulidia. And Ua Lochlainn gave the kingship to Donnsleibhe [Mac Duinnsleibhe Ua Eochadha] and all the Ulidians gave their pledges to Ua Lochlainn, through the might of his regal power.


Diarmait Mac Artain, chief of Clann-Fogartaigh, hospitality and benefaction of all Ui-Echach, died.


An expedition of the Saxons and of the Foreigners of Ath-cliath [set out] with the son of the Empress, to subjugate the Britons and they were all for the space of half a years attacking them and they availed not. And they returned without peace backwards.


Mael-Coluim Great-head, son of Henry, arch-king of Scotland, the best Christian that was of the Gaidhil [who dwell] by the sea on the east for almsdeeds, hospitality and piety, died.


Eochaidh [Mac Duinnsleibhe Ua Eochadha] again attempts to obtain the kingship of Ulidia; but the Ulidians expelled him through fear of Ua Lochlainn and he was fettered by Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, arch-king of Airgialla, by order of Ua Lochlainn.


Another hosting by Muircertach Ua Lochlainn along with the Cenel-Eogain to Inis-lachain, so that they burned the Island [Inis-lachain] and razed it. And all Ulidia gave their pledges to Ua Lochlainn. After that, the Cenel-Eogain around Ua Lochlainn come to their houses with great triumph and with many ships and numerous treasures beside. From here Ua Lochlainn [goes] to Ard-Macha. After that, Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill, arch-king of Airgialla and Eochaidh Mac Duinnsleibhe


[Ua Eochadha] come into the presence of Ua Lochlainn, to ask for the kingship for [Eochaidh] Mac Duinnsleibhe, so that Ua Lochlainn gave the entire [kingship] to Mac Duinnsleibhe, in return for the pledges of all Ulidia. So that Mac Duinnsleibhe gave the son of every chief of Ulidia and his own daughter in pledge to O'Lochlainn. And there were given to him [Ua Lochlainn] many treasures, including the sword of the son of the Earl and he [Mac Duinnsleibhe] gave Bairche to Ua Lochlainn [and] Ua Lochlainn gave it to [Donnchadh] Ua Cerbaill. And, moreover, there was given a townland to the clergy of Saball, by reason of the prosperity of the reign of Ua Lochlainn.


(Domnall Mac Gilla-Patraic, king of Ossory; Maghnus Ua Canannain, king of Cenel-Conaill and Gilla-Crisd Ua Mael-Brenaind, chief of Clann-Conchobuir and Ma[c] Craith Ua Concobuir, king of Ciarraide-Luachra, died.)