Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1159


Kalends of Jan. on 5th feria, 9th of the moon, A.D. 1159.


Diarmait, son of Tadhg Ua Maelruanaigh, died.


A hosting by Muircertach Ua Lachlainn into Meath, so that he left Donnchadh Ua Mael-Sechlainn in full kingship of Meath, from [the river] Shannon to sea.


A hosting by Muircertach Ua Lachlainn along with the nobles of Cenel-Eogain to Ath-Fhirdeadh in aid of the Airghialla. Howbeit, the Connachtmen and the Conmaicni and all the Ui-Briuin and a large battalion of Munstermen came as far as Ath-na-caisberna to give battle to them. On the other side, the Cenel-Eogain and Airgialla under Ua


Lachlainn advanced to attack the same Ford. But defeat is inflicted upon the Connachtmen and upon the Conmaicni and upon the Ui-Briuin, as they were [in] all, namely, six large battalions of them and the two other battalions inflict stark slaughter upon them; to wit, slaughter of Connacht men, around Gilla-Crist, son of Diarmaid, son of Tadhg [Mac Diarmata] and around Muircertach, son of Tadhg [Mac Diarmata] and the son of Domnall Ua Flaithbertaigh, that is, the son of the king of the west of Connacht, and Brian Mainech, son of Conchobhar, son of Toirrdhelbach [Ua Conchobair] and Ua Mandachain (namely, Muiredhach), king of Ui-Briuin-na-Sinna and Branan, son of Gilla Crist Mac Branain, that is, king of Corco-Achlann and the son of Finnan Ua Sibhlen, king of the Ui-Echach of Muaidh; and many other nobles [were slain]; and slaughter of the Ui-Briuin, around the son of Tigernan Ua Cumrain and around the son of Gilla-Finnen Ua Rothaigh and the son of Suibne Ua Galain and the son of Cu-buidhe Ua Tormadain and the son of Aedh ‘of the onsets,’ sub-king [?] of Conmaicni and Ua Donnchadha and Finnbharr, son of Finnbharr Ua Gerudhain, chief of Muinnter-Gerudhain. And a large force of [and the son of Gilla-Ciarain Ua Cennetigh. And ‘Son of the Night’ Ua Cernachain was killed on the morrow on a foray. And the Cenel-Eogain took away countless cattle-spoil on that foray. And the Cenel-Eogain returned indeed with great triumph to their homes after that.


A hosting by Muircertach Ua Lachlainn with the Cenel-Eogain and with the Airgialla and the Ulidians and Cenel-Conaill into Connacht, so that


they burned Dun-mor and Dun-Ciaraidh and Dun-na-nGall and wasted much of the land besides, until they returned to their own country after that, without peace, without pledges. And it is on that occasion they gained over to them Ua Gailmredhaigh and the Cenel-Maien.


Mael-Muire Ua Loingsigh, bishop of Lis-mor, felicitously finished his life.


Murchadh Ua Ruadhacain, king of the Airthir, died.


Three Ui-Maeldoraidh were killed by Ua Canannain in treachery.