Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1157


Kalends of Jan. on 3rd feria, 16th of the moon, A.D.1157.


Gilla-Patraic Mac Carrthaigh, herenagh of Cork, rested-In Christ.


Cu-Uladh Ua Caindelbain was killed in treachery by Donnchadh, son of Domnall Ua Mael-Sechinnaehli Merry, who thereby dishonoured the successor


of Patrick and the Staff of Jesus and Mac Lachlainn, along with the nobles of the North.


—Daimh-inis with its churches was burned.


The successor of Patrick (namely, the archbishop of Ireland) consecrated the church of the Monks [of Mellifont, near Drogheda, in presence of the clergy of Ireland, that is, of the Legate and of Ua Osein and of Grenne and of the other bishops and in presence of many of the laity, around Ua Lachlainn, that is, around the king of Ireland and Donnchadh Ua Cerbaill and Tigernan Ua Ruairc. Moreover, Muircertach Ua Lochlainn gave eight score cows and three score ounces of gold to the Lord and to the clergy. He gave also a townland at Drochait-atha to the clergy, namely, Finnabhair-na-ningen. And three score ounces of gold [were given] by Ua Cerbaill and three score ounces more by the daughter of Ua Mael-Sechlainn, [namely] by the wife of Tigernan Ua Ruairc. On that occasion also was excommunicated by laity and by clergy the persecutor accursed, that dishonoured the successor of Patrick and the Staff of Jesus and the clergy of Ireland besides, namely, Donnchadh Ua Mael-Sechlainn.


—A hosting by Muircertach Ua Lachlainn along with the North of Ireland into


Munster, until they reach the Green of Limerick and the nobles of Munster around their kings came into the house of Ua Lachlainn and left their pledges with him.