Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1130


Kalends of January fourth feria, eighteenth of the moon. AD 1130.


Sord of Colum Cille with its church and many halidoms was burned.


Cú Aifne ua Conchobuir, king of Uí Fhailgi, died.


Amhlaíb grandson of Senán, king of Gailenga, i.e. 'Wet Cowl', Aengus ua Caíndelbaín, king of Loegaire, and many other nobles fell by the men of Bréifne at Sliab Guaire.



A battle between the men of Scotland and the men of Moray in which four thousand of the men of Moray fell with their king .i. Aengus son of the daughter of Lulach; a thousand, or a hundred, which is more accurate, of the men of Scotland fell in a counter-attack.


An army was brought by Conchobor ua Lochlainn and the north of Ireland into Ulaid, and the Ulaid gathered to give them battle. The Ulaid, however, were defeated, and slaughter inflicted on them, including Aed ua Loingsigh, king of Dál Araide, and Gilla Pátraic ua Serraigh, king of Dál Buinne, and Dub Railbe son of Cairtin, and many others. They plunder the country as far as Airthir na hArda, both laity and church, and brought away a thousand prisoners or a little more, and many thousand cows and horses. The nobles of Ulaid with their king then went to Ard Macha to meet Conchobor, and they made peace and mutual oath, and left hostages.


A great harvest of every fruit throughout Ireland generally this year.